Patio Cover

Hello, my 12’ by 24’ (1 to 12) wood patio cover has deteriorated to the point where I have to replace the roofing and the 2x6’s on the leading edge. It doesn’t rain much here in Las Vegas, but when it did, I noticed that water would build up between the roll roofing and the plywood creating a bubble of water that would last a day or so. I have removed all of the bad wood and now I need to decide on what to use for the roofing. What do you guys suggest? How much am I looking at here? Like a few hundred dollars? I don’t want to put the same stuff that was on there before, so I was thinking about the self adhesive stuff. I am an avid “do-it-yourselferâ€Â

1/12 is almost flat and i don’t recommend the self adhere system. I would go for the mod bit torched down.
Torched down is not something that you can do it yourself.

ditto z car fan.

would ad, peal n stick is a better do it yourself product.

What would something like that cost me?


For your situation the self-adhered would be okay.

You will not need the tools and the learning/time/ experience that a torch down would need.

Go down to your local roofing supply and see what they have, materials and prices vary but it is somewhere in the amount you had said.They should have something in a Base and Capsheet that should go 15 years.Your milage may vary.

I haven’t done many of the base and capsheet but I like it, I normally do torchdowns.As long as you have enough pitch for “run off” you should be OK.