Patching a gravel and tar roof

I recently moved into my girlfriends house and noticed there are a few pretty bad leaks in the roof. Everytime it rains they have a few rubbermaid tubs to catch the water. In the main area of the house it is shingle roof witch needs to be fixed also but the back where the tar and gravel roof is it is in very bad shape. I was wondering what would be the best product to buy from home depot to patch the roof i say home depot because i have a good friend that works there and gets me really good discounts. i swept off about half the gravel yesterday to look for spots with bad cracks or if i could see any bare wood. i found some cracks so i just patched them with some of that henry’s stuff in the short black bucket. I really need to fix this roof, i have a 2 year old son and i dont like him being exposed to all this mold and mildew ive been seeing. I just need to know whats the best product to use to patch the roof and maybe last a couple years until we can afford a new roof.


You probably need a new roof.
If you want try and repair this roof it sounds like tar & fabric patches are in order.

Get a bucket of tar or even 2, get some asphalt saturated fabric (cotton or fiberglass, it doesn’t matter too much).
Cut out the blisters (by cut out I mean just cut an X and pull it back a little) and let them dry out, open up the cracks and let them dry out also.
Once everything is dry, use a trowel to spread the tar under the areas you cut, set the sliced portions of the roof back in the tar.
Now spread an even coat of tar over the patched area approx 1/8" thick of a little more.
Spread the tar so that it goes at least 6" beyond the repair area.
Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the repair area, set the fabric in the tar an trowel it in so that the fabric is set in the tar, it will ooze through the fabric.
Coat the fabric again in a thin layer of tar and trowel it smooth.
Feather the edges into the old roof.
Put your pea stone back over the repair area to protect it from the sun.
This is a 3 course tar and fabric patch.
Add another layer of fabric then tar and it is a 5 course.

Keep your trowel hand clean… :smiley:

i have found that you can sweeep the rock back
over the leaking area and heavily roll on some cool seal.
its an easy temp fix for the not so roofing enclined.


the second one sounds easier i might try that one. we will see what my friend at home depot recommends.

First is it a bur or a pitch? And ax is right but i 5 course repairs if its a small say a 12x12 you can reroof pretty cheap i would not do the cool seal gig but thats me.If its a bad leak and you need a[temp]fix 911 or valclay works very well in a pinch.Just my 3 cents.

I would suggest getting a roofer to tarp it .At the end of the day with time & money invested trying to solve the problem with items from home depot you will be in the red.More than likely your clothes,carpets,pets,children will be in the black covered in tar.

the roof is like a 30 x 20 and it doesnt look like there is much slope in the roof. looks very flat, next time it rains im going up there to look if it puddles anywhere. maybe there is a way i could float over a low area?

you really need a scratch bar in order to do a decent repair on T&G

dont try to float anything please.

coolseal is something a you can do without
really hurting anything.

if cool sealing the areas leaking does not work then youll have to get someone with some roofing knowledge to help you.


that cool seal stuff can go over the existing roof including the tar and gravel? or is it just for the tar and gravel area?

You should probably just call a roofer to fix it for you.
If you pour cool seal all over your roof any self respecting roofer is going to charge you more to clean up your mess.
You are better off with a bucket of tar and a trowel.

spud then mud 5 course all day!

im not sure i understand the last question kekoa,
but yes and yes.


you can do a nice temporary patch on a T&G with portland cement, just dump a bag in the leak area while it’s raining and the leak will pull the powder down into the leak and seal it up. works great and should last a couple years. otherwise spud it and torch on some flam and mastic the edges.

Couple years? :roll:

Some roofer sometime along the way is going to have to remove that concrete patch.
A bucket of tar and a trowel, it don’t get any easier that that… :roll:

sorry Ax,
i dont like people spreadin tar that are inexsperienced, they end up gettin everywhere.

it is a good fix though.


OHH BOI. I hate trying to fix a jackass patch.
call a real roofer.

The Best and cheapest quick fix, You need a truck tire inner tube that will cost you 5 bucks from a tire shop, a pair of scissors, some gasoline, and some rubber cement, first find the leak then clean the area really good take a rag and then clean it with a little bit of gas then you need to cut you a patch from the rubber tire inner tube, then spread rubber cement over the patch not the whole thing just the outside edges, then put the patch on, You will need to roll something over it you can buy a rubber roller from a hardware store or be crafty and make your own. problem solved until you can afford to re roof it… all of this is for a rubber roof, if it is build up then you need bur mastic, felt, and some asphalt A.K.A (hot) … Hope this helped you get by, Also the mold can be solved with concentrated tilex from lowes or home depot its in a big white spray bottle looks like weed b gone type of bottle.

i went on the roof the other day when it was raining and there was a good sized pond. probably about 7x7 ft the leaks are very bad almost like a waterfall in the house. Just found out recently that my girl is pregnant again so i gotta get this thing fixed. that tire trick sounds kewl but sounds like its to cover small areas. I just might go up there with some tar and just patch that whole area. I know it can get messy because i patched with that henry’s stuff last month some small areas. Thank god i had wd-40 around to clean up with. If it ponds tar should still patch it tho right? i wish i knew of a way to float it somehow. i am a tile setter and floated many of kitchens very big ones but im sure if there is a way to float the roof its probably way diff procedures. thanx for all of the responses im gonna go get me a bucket of tar and a flat trowel and see what i can do. i noticed that u have to sweep the area very good otherwise the bonding is bad. i might go up there with a bucket and sponge and give it a sponge clean first so everything sticks perfect.