Past experiences in election years?

Background Info: We pretty much exclusively do commercial, flat & low-slope roofing and serve central and lower Michigan. Been in business since 2001 and have had very good, steady growth every year except 2004. For some reason things really seemed to grind to a halt from late spring through mid-November and then took off again. So far this year we are still busy and am expecting several contracts to come in over the next couple weeks. However, I’m wondering if there is anything to an “election year phenomenon?”

Has anyone else experienced a drop off in work during an election year? Is this typical or could it have just been a coincidence? Any thoughts, opinions or experience with this? Predictions for this year?

My father ran a roofing business from the 70’s to 2006. He’s said more than once that prior to a presidential election things get slow.

On the commercial amd industrial side I agree things do slow down. Companies mostly large will hesitate on spending money during those times. As far as residential I have never experienced much of a decline in business to speak of. As of right now I am not concerned about the amount of work load for 2008. We currently have work through June/July. I feel as though that is going to change as things are getting busier.

i am also expecting a record breaking year for my company in 2008.

All I know is that when we get dumbass cokeheads in the White House (you know, the ones who never actually built or ran a successful business & didn’t get ahead with Dad giving them constant legs up), we invade the wrong country & spend more every month than it would take to pay for health care for every American alive.

That’s MY take on it.

I am getting crushed with work.So much for any more winter relaxation. I would think people are ready to get out the party hats because W is gone in 9 months.We can only go up from here as a country. I believe residential reroofing is almost recession proof in certain parts of the country.I know the South Florida roofing market is dead. It is all Wilmaed out. Upstate NY has always been consistent.From early indications it should be a solid year for residential roofing across the nation.