Partial re roof

If the south side of a gable roof is really showing signs of wear and tear and the other sides look
fine how hard is it to get a colour match if you only re roof the bad side.

Color match doesn’t matter in this case, it is on the other side of the roof.
There is nothing to compare it to…
You can’t match new shingles to old, you just can’t…

There’s a house a few blocks from here where they did that. It looks fine from the front but if you drive around the corner you can see the difference on the old shingles in back. If your existing roof is more than 10or 15 years old I’d probably go ahead and replace the whole thing?


Just get close. You will be alright.

Finding someone who will just do one side may be hard. Most will tell you to do the whole roof.

Additionally, if there is something that prevents the crew from going around to the “only side” you want done, then they will need to constantly walk across the “keeper” side to perform repairs to the “replace” side.

This may damage or prematurely wear out the ‘keeper’ side.

Are you wanting to make a change merely for discoloration & algae, but the grit content & other areas are in good shape?

If that’s the case, then you probably need a professional cleaning vs. a re-roofing. Much less expensive to go the cleaning route.

Please note that I said “professional”. There is a definite right way & wrong way to approach this & the wrong way will devalue the whole thing to where you need a complete re-roofing for the whole roof much sooner than you would normally require.