had anyone ever used this stuff? if so what do you think?

I had a rep from their company come in the other day and give me his pitch. Sounds interesting… especially pricing.


Good product, owned by a very large private building material company. They’ve been in the Northwest for many years.


While I respect Don on most of all his answers when he deems fit to answer, I would have to disagree with him on this one.
I have nothing against PA cific B uilding CO mpany, however, it is my understanding that this shingle is being produced out of an old Certainteed shingle manufacturing plant in Washington (?) and has been introduced into the Idaho area with VERY mixed results.
While the company may have corrected some “reverse engineering” techniques that they initially introduced to the original Certainteed lines in the past few years, there was a class action lawsuit against them with a significantly large group of homeowners with similar complaints of premature cracking and blistering (dating from the early 1990’s through 2005).
PABCO, at that time, basically contested their complaints individually and for years, until the state attorney general of Washington got involved at what point PABCO only offered them their own shingle again as replacement. It is my understanding that these complaints have been resolved (finally).
We have had the occasion to lay this shingle on a few different jobs in this area based on customer request, and I have found it inferior with thick granulation “tubes” left in the valleys after installation (as all roofers know, some granulation loss is expected because of the process off install and normal initial wear). These tubes appeared excessive to me and we had issues with easy delamination on the architectural line of PABCO (under our feet literally).
I may not make many friends (or perhaps I will) with these observations, however they are based on personal experience and I would rather not use this product.
“Sometimes, you DO get what you pay for”


Thank you for the input. I am getting some pressure from upper management in my company to push this line due to the attractive price point. Unfortunately I am of the opinion that I would rather make alittle less profit if Im putting on a better quality roof.

So I appreciate your straight forward review of the product.


I use them all the time and no problems,commercial jobs they are always used and they look better than certain other ones never any granule problems once they have sealed they stay sealed,we have been using this brand for about 15yrs now and NO problems