Owens Corning vs Timberline: which is better?

I’ve had each contractor pushing their own brand, one Owens Corning, the other Timberline. Each told me the other is an inferior product. Unfortunately I have no experience in which is better so I was wondering if you could help me out.

BTW the Owens Corning job is a couple grand cheaper in price than the Timberline job (and he seems to know what he’s doing)

It’s just one mans opinion but I think owens corning is a better shingle than GAF/ELK.

Many contractors here seem to disagree
or are really pushing GAF/ELK.

In summary. Better shingle, much lower price and you like the guy. It’s a no brainer.

But really i would rather have whoever actually installs the roof better(the man or woman actually putting the nails in) and there is no way for you to know that regardless of how much money they spend on their advertizing.

Ask each roofer exactly where he puts his nails in a shingle and see what they both say.

GAF is better. the problem with OC is there solid glue strip. it can trap water and cause it to wick in the vallys. I have heard many cases of this but we have not had it on our on OC installs.


spotted sealant strips,
very important indeed.

ditoo marshall’s ditto.


1 is (couple grand cheaper) if it sounds to good to be true ,it is! I would have to ask myself why,when around here the O.C.s are a couple bucks a square more the Timberlines. Gaf/elk is a better product I.M.O…I would also get another price…3 is good,and also check refrences…

OC which product? Supreme (25yr 3-tab)
Oakridge (cheaper line of 30yr sold at Lowes)
Duration (more expensive than everything on the market with a plastic strip that will cause delamination issues over the next 5 years).

GAF/Elk Timberline all the way or Certainteed Landmark.

Never under any circumstances use an IKO or Atlas.

As of last month, OC changed their seal strip on Supreme’s. It looks very similar to a Certainteed seal strip only a little bit taller.

ive also noticed that O/C color starts to streak way earlier than the rest.

Timberline is much better.

If we are talking about an $ 8,000.00 job and there is that much of a price difference, I would wonder why and what is one guy providing that the other is not.

If this is a $ 25,000.00 job, that is not that much of a spread at all.

Which variety or style of shingle from each contractor?

Special manufacturing warranty for an extended period of time or standard contractors workmanship warranty?

For how long?

Subcontractors, misclassified 1099 supposed employees, or actual employees dedicated to the companies success and continually trained?

What testing credentials for the installers?

Is either choice of shingle being offered with the AR, Algae Resistant granules?

Have you looked at each contractors current job in progress and spoken with current customers to get feedback from their dealings with them?

Has either one of them addressed the Vetilation?

How and with which named products?

Exhaust Ventilation only or also addressing the Intake aspect of the Balanced Ventilated Attic?

That last one is Critical!!!

Without a properly Balanced attic ventilation system and/or enough Total NFVA calculated for the attic, the manufacturers warranty is Null and Void from Day Number 1.

Which proposal is the most descriptive in writing, naming the brands of products to be used?

Was anything spoken about and promised that is not clearly written in the proposal and not added in as a written addendum?

If it is not in writing, it does not count.

Gut feeling also means a lot.


Whew! Wow Ed! You said every thing I was thinking, and to lazy to type…lol.Well said…That is why you are so busy…

JW he types this tuff uip and saves it for later. Ed’s a great guy and he knows his stuff. I bow in his presence.

Your funny Kev.

Actually, I do have some important papers and links that I have saved, but the near future intent, after my website is up, is to go back through all of my posts and well thought out descriptive answers with definitive solutions to various problems and make articles out of them to post on my web site for article links and post them on the free PR websites for link backs to the site to increase it’s ratings.

There is always so much more to be done though, that this will have to be a winter project, if I find the motivation.


I’ve been using ocs for two years now and i have’nt had any problems or calls of anything wrong But i do agree stay away form iko one of the worst craftmanship in a shingle

I’ve been using ocs for two years now and i have’nt had any problems or calls of anything wrong But i do agree stay away form iko one of the worst craftmanship in a shingle