Owens Corning Vs CertainTeed vs Malarkey

Here in the Houston area, GAF seems to the the predominant roofing product and they’ve certainly cornered the market with the advertising/marketing strategies. The literature contractors give to customers is quite extensive (and pricey I’m sure). I’ve seen some mentions on here regarding GAF Timberline HD and Ultra HD, but it seems some may date back to 2013 (unless I’m misreading the date).

From some comments I’ve read, I’m wondering if GAF may have compromised their quality and I’m not sure if even the Ultra HD is up to par? Does anyone have an opinion of the overall quality for Owens Corning, CertainTeed or Malarkey shingles that are supposedly comparable to the GAF Timberline HD or Ultra HD? We have local contractors for all three. Thanks for any input.

Feel them. You will know instantly.

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Thanks. Any suggestions as to how I would compare? Lowes, Home Depot, etc carry GAF in stock, but OC and CertainTeed must be ordered.

Buy materials from a real Roofing Supplier, not Lowes or Home Depot. There’s a reason they both handle GAF. We prefer Atlas, they’ve come mile with their quality in the past 5 years. Also like OC and Tamko. Malarkey isn’t available in any of our areas but heard tons of good things about them. I would roof my doghouse with GAF unless a Cat was living in it.


Thanks for the input!

I would look at Owens Corning Duration Tru Definition. The new cloth nail strip area has eliminated the water tray of the model made several years ago. You get a well built, tight granule shingle with 4 nail per shingle, 130mph wind warranty. You can look at them at ABC supply, Westend, Gulf eagle supply.


Thank you, I’ll do that.

Try to get Atlas.
Second choice Certainteed.
It will start looking like crap after 6 years from black streaks
But will last if its nailed decent.


Owens Corning duration is always a good choice. I install the duration storm which is impact resistant on most of our roofs. Seems to hold up really well to Oklahoma weather.

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