Owens Corning Duration


THe Owens Corning Duration shingle is toting themselves as having the best tar strip - great for wind resistance. They use the impregnated wider strip. Anyone have an opinion on this shingle? I have a customer who really wants this shingle. WE use GAF/ Certainteed brands, not sure if I am comfortable stepping into Owens Corning


As a homeowner, I put the Duration premium on my house a couple years ago! I spent many many hours on this site and despite some roofers opinions - I ended up going with the OC. I am sure some experts will chime in here about the tar strip! But as a homeowner, I have been very happy with my product! I love the bolder shadows lines the Duration premium offered (premium only has a much deeper shadow line)! and it is much thicker and looks great from the right angle!

I live on a lake and the 140mph wind guaranty was a selling point!

I say - if the customer wants it - then go for it! seems like alot of roofers are biased to what shingle is the best! But this is a good shingle that looks great - In my opinion


:wink: I have used oc for the last two yrs and i sware i can sleep at night with no worries about if shingles are going to blow off i Have seen omost every other shingle blown off one way or another but so far NO OCS THEY will Withstand the high winds no problem


The Duration shingle is way better than the Timberline shingle, that I can bet money on. As far as being as good as the Landmark only time will tell. The Duration hasn’t been on the market nearly as long as the Landmark.

One thing they lack though is a 40 year shingle, at least in my region.