Overwhelmed with salesmen


I started doing roof sales approximately 4 months ago, unaware of how many other companies do the same in my area. It is insane how many. Basically it has gotten to the point now that the homeowners are overwhelmed by the amount of traffic to and from their door by roofing salesman. I actually had a kid peek through a window while I heard a parent ask him who it was, he yelled out another roofer and no one came to the door. I hate to be that annoying sales guy at the door with almost the same things to offer as the last 10 guys, but unfortunately door to door is the way this business works. I’m asking if anyone has any advice or tactics to overcome this problem? I have resorted to driving further out of the way and off the beaten path but that becomes an issue in itself. Any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated


Retired realtor and commercial construction project manager here. Door to door is a waste if time. I as a homeowner don’t answer the door per say… try something different. Creative. Things that get you remembered, work on your web presence too that’s huge. Advertise in high school football programs. Everything you read on line says stay away from door knockers. Don’t waste your time, Guerilla marketing worked great from me, there are loads of ideas on Pinterest. Look at all professions not just roofing for ideas too. Then just concert it to roofing. Get clients to write you recommendations and post them on next door, or fb. Make your own business page advertising you with your company permission, but keep it generic in case you change companies, most of all be honest. And if you don’t know say you don’t but will find out. That goes sooooo much farther than faking it until u make it. You will always get caught. I catch my contractor all the time in lies and he still doesn’t care. Talk to women. Husbands leave all this up to us.


Thank you for the insight. Believe me, I am trying other avanues of reaching people besides going door to door but unfortunately the reward is very slow if at all. I mentioned the amount of salesmen in my area. They all do the same things on social media and are also trying other tactics. So much so, it has become almost like spam and people joke about it. You are right about the reputation of door door being bad and people are taught to stay away. I guess what I am trying to accomplish is get people to understand that not all companies or salesmen are shady. There are some of us out there that want to help and run a respectable business. I’m looking for a better way to get in front of people to have the opportunity to show them I am here to help. Sitting back waiting for someone to contact me will not pay the bills.


That is not necessarily the way this business works. It only works that way if you were a hail chaser. That’s the only way they can get the business is by going door-to-door until such a point as the homeowners want to shoot the next roofer That comes to their door. If you want to do roofing sales for an actual roofing company I suggest you get away from the storm chasers. Is there any local roofing companies in your area that are actually there doing roofs all the time, not just when there’s a hailstorm? Is there any roofing companies that are actual roofing companies that don’t just subcontract everything out and are basically labor brokers? If there’s one of those in your area go to work for him. You will learn more about the actual roofing business and probably be selling a better product !


Recent new roof customer here. I don’t get any salesmen at the door for roofs in SoCal. Mostly window salesman here. But I don’t answer the door to any anyway. A roof is a major project - probably once in a lifetime for me, so I’m not about to put that in the hands of a random person coming to my door.
I get many things hung on the door for gardeners, though.
All my research was via web, and then I picked the ones to come out for a quote.
There were three important things for me - I wanted to pick the shingle, and I wanted the company certified with that company. And financing was key for me. Didn’t have the money, couldn’t do a refi with a bedroom currently being re-done. So https://www.renovateamerica.com was my option to finance - so the company had to work with them. The company I went with had Certainteed’s highest cert, so the warranty I got was amazing - 50 year, non-pro-rated, and 25 year workmanship. Differentiation is key too - I wanted ridge vents, which most weren’t mentioning (may be a bad idea in hurricane territory, though?), and I wanted a different style of pipe vent flashing from this company, which none of them knew about - https://www.lifetimetool.com/. I wanted open valleys to accentuate the lines of the roof instead of closed valleys - all wanted to do closed valleys of some type. For the most part, the salesmen weren’t there to help me design my roof, they were there to sell me on their standard roof that is like all the rest.
I do look at the things the gardeners hang on the door - but they also don’t differentiate what they do in any way, so they get tossed.
Find some ways to differentiate better what you do compared to the others, get a nice door hanger that shows it, help with the financing through that place above for those that can’t afford a replacement right now, and then pay a kid to go around hanging them on the doors, while you spend more time finding additional ways to differentiate what you can offer.
I also had some bathroom vents I wanted re-routed off the roof to a side wall. That was a terrible project up in the attic. No roofer would probably recommend it, though - they’d just put new vents up on the roof.
I guess that’s what I wanted in the roofing salesman - somebody to help me design the new roof install, instead of just sell me the same as the others got.


Haha. Have you ever considered a job in roofing sales?? You would be awesome!


A lot of homeowners would never get a roof if not for salesman sounding the alarm. They say it looks fine from here!!!