Overhang on Brand new roof


Is the drip edge to be flush with the fascia? there are many gaps and the water does not seem to be traveling the drip edge. It is running down straight down the fascia. The “snaggle tooth’s” of shingle that hang over are contributing to much of puddling where the water is in no way running down the angle of the roof. one of those uncut edges is above the beam and I believe where the water is coming into the window sill.

I guess majority consensus is the overhang is correct but the water running 3 feet “backward” is the problem and ultimately need the roofer to figure that out or re-caulk the coverings myself.
I really appreciate all the advice, thank you


It’s not the cause of the issues you are having.


Can you do this?


I would not have capped the beam if it was sticking past the rake like yours is. I would have either cut the beam back or not capped it at all.