Overcharged for wood replacement? (fascia and shiplap)

I just finished a reroof, about 31 squares, comp shingle with new 7/16 OSB deck.
There was some wood replacement required due to dryrot/termites and the work agreement specifically called out the cost of wood replacement.
$7 / lin. ft. for fascia board
$5 / lin. ft. for shiplap

Overall I measured 99’ of fascia and 158’ of shiplap, that’s rounding up in the contractor’s favor.
By my calcs, roofer is due $1,483 for “wood replacement” yet he is attempting to charge me $2,000.

He stated that the $2000 is based on the quantity of material that was delivered from roofing supplier.

He has shown me the invoice from the supplier and yes, 140’ of fascia and 208’ of shiplap was delivered.

However, not all of that material was used and there were whole 20’ and 16’ boards left on the scrap heap when they finished. I had requested replacement of one section of fascia but they ignored my request and left the original rotted fascia on the roof.

There was extra shiplap left over that could have been used and probably should have been replaced but that was wasted as well.

My question is this. Should I (the homeowner) have to pay for material and labor that never actually happened? I figure the waste is already factored in to per linear foot pricing. If the roofer can’t measure and cut effectively then that’s on them.

Thank you for your opinions, much appreciated!

The general rule most good contractors go by:
If it were bid for $2,000 it wouldn’t matter what was left over, that is the cost. Sometimes we order heavy if we’re far from a supply yard to make double sure we don’t run out.
If it were figured T & M or by the foot, like yours was, you bill ONLY for what was installed, allowing for reasonable waste factor.


IF they quoted the $2000 figure upfront, yes that is what you owe. If it was a contingency quote based upon the need at time of construction and time and materials, I would say no.


Thanks guys, the contract only states the linear foot charges for wood replacement.
There was no mention of $2000 until the final invoice and what appears to be an attempt to squeeze me for an extra $500.

I think I’m on the high ground disputing this.

Update: I’ve convinced the contractor to adjust the final invoice to the amount of actual wood replaced per the agreement.

Also spoke to another client of his who had a re-roof last year and this contractor pulled the same excessive wood replacement upcharges. She is an older woman and couldn’t really question it so she just paid what they asked but she wasn’t happy about it.

We do all wood by the foot. $10 for primed fascia, $69 per sheet of plywood, $7 for starter boards and so on. We only charge by the foot and credit back what is left over. I do explain that when I buy a 20 footer board I cut the ends off about 12 inches to get rid of the split wood.

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I’ve found 5 ply fir 1/2" deck and warned home owner to get a re-deck bid also. Told em it’s all gonna delaminate and you WILL re-deck. Even if I didn’t get the job, I get a thank you call when the job is done…

Is there with termites and stuff I can see charging that much because a lot of times with rotten wood you also have black mold and most people forget about that black mold and black mold you got to get every bit of it. If there’s black mold you got to get all of it