Our new roof - should I be concerned or it's all good? :)


Hi Roofing.com experts :slight_smile:
We decided to replace an old roof above our patio, it’s an extension of the tiled house roof.
The guy who is doing the job is very nice, but when I look at the way he does certain things, it makes me wonder… I got used to a different quality of workmanship… or may be I’m just too picky?
Here are some photos:
(the first photo is a photo of the roof that got knocked down :wink: )

I’m a bit concerned about the way both beams are installed. Is it ok? They sit on small wooden cubes - is it structurally sound? Will it withhold strong wind that we get here from time to time? I’m not an expert and I don’t want to criticise someone’s work, all I want is to know that we’ll be safe under this roof and we can enjoy looking at it :smile:

I’m sorry, the photos are not the best :frowning:
It will be an ‘exposed rafters’ ceiling, so the sheets will sit on top of the rafters.
Please let me know if I can provide more details.

Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:


It looks like a temporary hold to me. No reason to remove it as well. That is my guess.

Ask the guy building it “Why are those scraps there?” Could be a good ice breaker and a relationship builder. Nothing is wrong with asking a few questions. I would have to guess you had to work hard for the money you are spending.


Thank you very much for your reply!! Unfortunately, the whole job didn’t turn out good :frowning: At first, the carpenter has disappeared for a month in the middle of the construction and now it turned out he has used inappropriate timber (lower level of treatment - not suitable for outdoor). We have a report from an independent engineering inspector to confirmn and the carpenter is now ignoring us. Well… that’s the story :confused: