OSHA not getting paid for


Has anyone had any luck getting OSHA compliance’s paid in claims? The question I get from adjusters. Is osha compliant in your area…lol I’m like yea, pretty sure it’s nation wide. Any advice would be greatly appriciated


IMHO, being OSHA compliant is standard cost of doing business. Are you OSHA compliant on your non insurance jobs? It doesn’t hurt to include it in your estimate but don’t expect to get it paid vey often.


Hey AD, side note, I’m sure I speak for most of us on here when I say thank you for all the advice you give out! It really helps!

I was just seeing if anyone had any luck getting:

-Safety supervision on ground at all times
-Safety harness
-ladder jacks

I do pay for this on qualifying roofs, I just would like at least one to get covered on claims


All of that is a tough battle. If you have a separate labor receipt for the on site safety supervisor, turn it in with your final invoice as a cost incurred. In IMHO, the other two items are tools, just like ladders and nail guns.


Hi, I’m new here so bear with me. I research at night after my day job and have found a document that I will certainly be including when asking for OSHA compliance items. Also, I have gotten residential and commercial supervision on complex jobs (but not complex enough that the carrier felt like O&P was warranted…sigh) as a sort of trade off for that O&P that they would not give me… ESPECIALLY if the homeowner was letting my supervisor act in his behalf as far as letting workers in and out of home, sheds etc for repairs. homeowner is unable to be there but fully trusts our company representative to protect his belongings and property. I will happily share my OSHA docs but I don’t know how here…


Would you be willing to email me those docs? If so send to shanaroofingtyler@gmail.com


Please email me one also. Dm@patriotbuildersgroup.com
Thank you.


Anything would help! Thank you I’m advance!


OMG, I am worthless I’m so sorry… here’s what I have

(Attachment Walking Working Surfaces.pdf is missing)


I sent the OSHA docs… hope they helped.