OSB insted of plywood or white pine


I have a house 15 years old and it was constructed with OSB not plywood. The wind a few weeks ago in the WV eastern panhandle has blowen off a few tabs. just a few nails exsposed, I am going to do a quick repair for now. can I lay a layer of shingles over the existing ones and how do I go about this , step by step. I wqas in the attic and there is no moisture yet and the 24/16 7/16 OSB seems structually sound from below. Would I have to lay fely between the old and the new?

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Why replace the roof for a few tabs?

Get the rest of the life out of the roof.


Hi tak123kib@msn.com,

I concur with lefty. Those three tab shingles are solidly repaired quite easily, provided they haven’t gone too brittle.

I advise against layovers because they don’t allow for proper weaving of the flashings, and thus have proven to be leak prone.


I would just repair the missing or messed up three tab shingles with some new ones. But out here on the West Coast we do recovers a lot out here. Our Universal Building Code allows up to three roof coverings before you tear off all the way down to the sheathing.


Last i checked boca stated no more than 2 layers. Atleast thats the way it is where im at. I do not suggest a recover the shingles will only last about half the life, 30 year shingle around 15 years.


it probably wont leak for a long time but if you have to fix it, just tar down a couple of tab peaces to cover the exposwed nails, and leave it the hell alone.



That may not be totally true. The standard (which may be different where you’re at) is generally no more than two roofs on a structure, UNLESS you get a structural engineer to sign-off that the structure can adequately support a third roof system.


I have alot of tabs that are worn clean through. If I do recover , do I need to place felt down first, or can I just put shingle on top of shingle? do I need a construction permit?

Thanks You guys, This is really helpfull.



shingle over shingles.
dont know.


always tear off! you wouldnt change the oil in your car without changing the filter would you?


[quote=“tak123kib@msn.com”]I have alot of tabs that are worn clean through. If I do recover , do I need to place felt down first, or can I just put shingle on top of shingle? do I need a construction permit?

Thanks You guys, This is really helpfull.


I just went through this situation last week the people have a 300,000 dollar home and with 30 yr architects that are fading and couple tabs missing. They insist on a lay over but fail to understand that it would not last as long due to moisture would start to deteriorate the shingles at a faster rate and if you do the layover and have to do it again it will be much more expensive to tear off two layers. Lay overs in my opinion are not industry standard in my book just accepted by people who want to save money. I have done a few but I am very reluctant and quite frankly you leaving the old shingles will not save you as much as it will cost you in the long haul. Please highly consider stripping the old layer off before installing brand new shingles. What a waste but Ill consider if you highly insist. Hey its your money. No you do not use felt on layovers. On my estimates layovers are not much cheaper than tear off mainly because I dont like layovers.



We do not do many layovers.

Been mabye 2 years or more since the last one.

The ones I have done are holding up well. You do not use felt.

You can not do a layover on timberlines. They will pond water.

It must be unique to Pa. Our shingles last the length of the warranty. Except IKO and Atlas.


it is twice the weight on your home…you cant inspect the deck for rot…


how should I expect the OSB to stand up to a tear off and a relay.
I would exspect the OSB not to hold nails as well the second time around. This is My biggest concern.

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It will work just fine.

I look at the topic you choose and still wonder what it has to do with your question. I quess we are getting closer to your original thought.


i agree the OSB will be fine


In Minnesota from the Twin Cities out several counties down to the Iowa border roof overs became illegal 7/1/07.

The insurance companies were the number one force to make the code change.

Unless you can’t get the shingles anymore and your state has a provision in your insurance policy stating if you can’t get the same shingles your due a new roof just get a bundle from a local home improvement store and be done with it.

In my area most roofs at 15 years are shot. They either have curled up on the South/West exposures or they’ve cracked all over.


Yes, OSB integrety is My concern. I have done alittle roofing, but nothing too steep and I never did OSB. I guess as long As we take our time tearing off and inspect the deck and replace were needed. It is better to bite the bullet early in the summer than later into fall. You all masker a great deal of sense. Thanks and God Bless all.