Organic shingles - Insurance

Is there any way I can find some verbiage for the Organic Shingles being discontinued? Have an insurance claim that they cover partial roof patch up, but since the organic shingles are no longer manufactured, I want to submit that and get a full roof replacement.
Any help appreciated.

There’s more than one brand of organic shingles. What brand, what model? You can easily then do a Google search and find your answer. I am not aware of a generic paper that explicitly states ALL organic shingles are now discontinued even though everybody knows they are. Besides that, if they specified a partial repair, I feel certain those organic shingles are not repairable, they’ll break in half when you bend them 30 degrees. Perhaps you’re looking at the wrong angle.

Pull one and send it to ITEL. Get that report then have the homeowner sent it to their insurance company.