Opinion on valley

Back to my roofing project - removed cedar, putting up Timberline-Prestique Grande shingles in weathered wood color. Old valleys were copper as are the gutters (20 yo). They can reuse the copper valleys, or do a closed cut valley.

Any opinions on which looks nicer? Obviously the old copper valleys are weathered. I supposed since they’re off I could get a sanding/stripping attachment for my drill and try to polish them before putting back on. Or I take them to recycling center for cash and go with the closed valley.

thx, Don

take the cash.
metal is goin through the roof rite now.

cash in the copper and put in a closed cut valley with
16 or 18 inch galvanized valley metal.


Just got home tonight from looking at a roof. The house has cedar shakes on most with what looks like 50 year organic laminates that are shot. The home owner mentioned they had a friend in the copper roofing business and a year prior dropped off some “extra” copper to prevent the algea staining.

What I found was 21 10ft by 4 inch ribbed copper sections!!! Must be some friend!!!

I told her she should put them in a locked building and not out in front of her house.

They want a nice roof but in the past year had to put in a septic system and well, bummer.

Copper looks great for the first few years but ages and looks green.

I agree w/Gweedo…unless you like the look of weathered copper open valleys. You may have to wrestle the roofer for the copper though…lol I use I&W shield in closed vellays and have not had a problem…but the thicker the shingle…the harder it is to get a nice tight weave in the valley…

Wow, I didn’t think anyone weaved valleys anymore.

there are alot of weeved valleys around me.
company called duncan roofing.
its the only way they do em.
one of the oldest and respected companys by the way.

it works.
just not for me.


Thanks all. I decided to go with the closed cut valley.

BTW, I’m no roofing expert, but in the research for new shingles the companys say the weaved valleys are the least effective, and only recommended on 3-tab.


better on three tabs.
im ok with that.