Opinion of Certainteed vs GAF



Why are you asking?



getting new roof. both in quotes. just curious of opinions

Go to www.Certainteed.com and use there locator to locate a “select shigle roofer” in your area. Ask that contractor about certainteed’s “sure start protection warranty”. Compare that to any other warranty offered by any other asphalt shingle. Now there is your answer. Ceratinteed has the best track record, has the best research development and testing, they have the best programs and support for the homeowner and contractor, they have the best warranty. They will warranty your roof against shading which I believe they are the only company that does this. They will warranty it for 10 years even if the attic is not properly vented. They will warranty a wind blow off calim even if it is a “winter application.” They use a thicker and much better fiberglass matt than any other shingle. They do not sell there products to big box store like Home Depot, they don’t sell to lumber yards etc. They only sell to professional roofing suppliers. I have been roofing for 14 years. I have layed and repaired/replaced many shingles of every type of shingle manufacture and I say hands down Certainteed is the best. Also keep in mind that if you like a particular contractor for other reasons they should be willing to install Certainteed instead GAF or any other shingle. Afterall it’s your house and your money.

Very well put FWB2 06.Certainteed has the best asphalt shingle line for the 2008 season. My word of caution to homeowners is not to let a product line weigh to heavily in your decision on buying a roof. The most important factor is the contractor installing your roofing system. Most shingle lines will hold up well through the years. A poorly installed roof using the best materials won’t last very long. Avoid any IKO roofing product.

IMO a CT20 = builder grade / low end (just like most mfg’s, they’ll have a product to gain some market share for people who are exclusively price shoppers).

I think we’ll all agree that the HOW is more important than the WHAT.

The difference is that most consumers don’t really know exactly what to look out for.

Both are good shingles.
I have never had a winter install that blew off. Nailing in the proper place holds the shingle on. Not the shingle manufacturer.
GAF has paid me to reinstall roofs where they have shading problems.
You will be fine with either company.
The installer is the most important thing with a roof.
Do not use a IKO or Atlas.

I prefer Certainteed but its like gm ford or chrysler. They both make good shingles.

I would put Certainteed on my parents house.

Check out the full line of GAF ELK roofing products here http://www.gaf.com GAF Makes a huge variety of superior products with a really outstanding warranty

brianlbaker, I believe the consumer is looking for opinions from roofing professionals who are not on GAF’s payroll. Your opinion is to bias.

Hi Abe,

All he did was give the consumer a place to go to educate himself. Did not bad mouth anyone. Certianteed website was listed.

We are all bais to our preferences.

Where can I get these GM, Ford or Chrysler shingles? My dealer only carries Atlas, CertainTeed, GAF / Elk, Owens Corning or Tamko (we don’t get IKO here).

It’s true I am a GAF ELK Employee so i do have a certain bias LOL

But we really do make some outstanding products that are both beautiful and durable (up to Lifetime warranty!) my personal Favs are the Timberline Prestique Series for value, beauty and durability.

Thanks to all you guys for checking out our website!


Since you brought it up Brian please explain to the audience what your “lifetime” warranty is and consists of. What does your company represent to the public a lifetime? Also what and why are its limitations.Were there independent studies conducted to prove your products longevity? Will your product hold up to 130 MPH winds and does it have a Dade Co. NOA?

For Warranty Details You can review our warranty offerings online here:


Click the icons for each type of warranty to download the details.

One of our customer service reps would probably be better able to answer your warranty questions by phone and their contact information is:

For Residential Warranties
1-888-532-5767, Option 1

For Commercial Guaranties
1-800-766-3411, Option 2

Some of the questions listed in the previous post are not answered on that link. Quite frankly the lifetime warranty is very limited and the legal wording is a big turn off to myself as a contractor as well as many consumers I have done business with. I am convinced that a lifetime shingle is a marketing ploy by all manufactures not limited to GAF. I have an open mind Brian so prove me wrong.

One of our customer service reps would probably be better able to answer your warranty questions with specific details better than I can via phone and their contact information is:

For Residential Warranties
1-888-532-5767, Option 1

For Commercial Guaranties
1-800-766-3411, Option 2