Opening a Roofing Company

#44 is ramping up leads across US. Our free market place could drive some business in your area when we get a request. It would be worth looking into if getting more jobs is a focus. We only want 2-3 roofers per territory.


We have a lot of leads available in Florida if interested let me know!


Hey rooflife, I read your posts today and am new to this site. Wanted to see how things have been for yall! rootin for ya!


If I would have seen this post in the beginning, I would have recommended you to save money and have a emergency fund for your business and personal account before you started your company. yet I look back and I did not have much when I started. In my state and the time I started, liability insurance was cheap. I subbed residential work off of other contractors. I made about $1,500-$2,000 a week profit running 1 crew. I was the foreman and was onsite everyday.
As things grew I avoided debt at all cost. I paid cash for everything and I saved, saved, saved. My personal household was on a STRICT BUDGET! We lived on a minimal amount so we could build a business. My kids were young so they knew know better.
When I had enough cash saved I started my office, phone numbers, website (they were new then), phone book ad (BIG money back then) and started selling my own work. I worked the field during the day and sold in the evenings and day if needed. I trained foreman and started selling full time. Then I hired a salesman who was better at sales than I was so I ran the company and project managed.
years later I got into buying and selling real-estate (flipping homes). With the real estate crash it was a no brainer! Now I have rentals, property management, and a roofing company. Whether it be buying equipment or properties I do not buy it if I cannot afford it! In other words if I don’t have the cash to buy it, I cannot afford it!
If you run a company on that basis, you will undoubtedly be financially successful.


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Rooflife please email me when you can id like to talk and compare a few things …


crap credit, no collateral. You have to correct the problems you having being credit worthy and collateral rich. These need to be corrected not to be able to take out a loan (I did not and would never go in debt to start a business) but to be able to run your business in a way where it will survive. Go to work for the other guy. Get your credit stright and save up cash. In one year you can start your company. Get a payroll company that provides workmans comp, they will need no down payment and can take out insurance payment with every payroll since they have all the payroll figures. Never have to pay ahead, just what you owe. This is coming from a person that started with $3,000.00 saved and now keeps min 200k in business account and draws aprox 400k per year profit.


As a few have mentioned starting small, low overhead and great credit are a must IMO too. If you have crap credit they may be an indication that it’s not time to start a business of any type, self discipline is a the only thing one needs under the right circumstances to succeed in any thing. I did get a little help from the SBA (Small Business Administration), it’s a government branch for assisting Small Businesses, credit must be excellent though, and you’ll need a solid Business plan.
Good Luck


Work for me for a year, make $250k… then open your own shop. You want to get the mistakes over with someone else’s money