Opening a Roofing Company


On the spot in home financing is a must to enable a top salesman to hit
250k per month. Without that its very hard.


Truth. Especially considering I’m playing no games with losing money or breaking insurance laws.


Authentic dad hit nail on the head. Keep your overhead low sell the 1st 10-15 jobs and keep your figure on the pulse. Build solid relationships, also storms can be a double edge sword. Money changes people in different ways, be careful when highering just anybody to sell and represent your company. You will make some mistakes, though they can be minimized if you stay open to learn. I do mostly flat roofs, HOT BUR systems here in Palm Bch. Another good resource is ROOFING CONTRACTOR magazine, it’s free. Though this forum , I’ve found to be the best when it comes to insurance claims.


There’s some great advice already on this thread. I would just add that fortunately for you this is a well worn path - many successful roofers have done exactly what you are talking about doing. I would try to network with some of the roofers that you know do a good job and pick their brains for best practices etc. There is a wealth of knowledge out there and it seems like you are wise and humble enough to learn from other’s experience.

I’m happy to answer any questions or share with you what I know, feel free to message me anytime!


“Keep It Small and Keep It ALL” … Learn How To Sell and Hire Subcontractors…


If I may expand on the great point here from Xterior, focus on building your online reputation from day one. Ask people for reviews, email them the links, add your pages to your website, really hit it hard early. It will pay off dividends over time and help compensate for a lack of funds to do marketing or paying sales people.


Small roofing companies tend to be more successful than larger ones. They typically have a higher profit margin, less debt and greater customer loyalty. The reasons are simple. Small business owners are directly involved in every aspect of the business process. Think of the owner as a hub in a wheel. Each of the different business divisions are spokes in that wheel. The four big spokes are marketing, sales, operations and administration. Every decision made in the business goes through the owner, and the owner has complete control over the entire operation. Promises made at the initial sales estimate are delivered through completion. Eventually word gets out and referrals bring in a steady stream of work.


Value venture incorporates any cash from individuals, including yourself, or diverse associations in your business. This cash may be from individual hold reserves, heritage, singular advances, mates or relatives, business assistants, or stockholders. These benefits are not secured on any of your business assets.

In any case, before going down this road, it is fundamental to know the BC laws that apply to any association or other substance that raises money from budgetary masters.


Hello experience Roofers! I’m would like to start a new roofer crews and I lived in OKC. Do you guys pay your employees by hourly or SQ? How much do you actually pay by hourly? How much for SQ for 4 (guys) crews? Can I use my General Liability Insurance (Builder LLC) for my (Roofing LLC) company?


@RoofLife How being 3 weeks in business you are selling $120K / month / salesman? At average $5K per roof that is 24 roofs per salesman - where do you find these jobs with no references, no referrals, etc?


He isnt doing that yet.
He is saying that is what his salesman were doing with another company before he started this one.


Right. Because this is our first three weeks in this business ever. lol

My husband writes 100-120 alone. I’d say a closer average on the other two would be 80. What is so surprising? These are mediocre numbers.

If you’d like some help recruiting/training…let me know. :kissing_heart:


Wait a minute. What kind of roofs are you putting on for 5k? :rofl:
Our average ticket is closer to 9k. I mean I’ve got a few 6ish contracts in there, but solid 5s across the board? I wouldn’t be running a business putting on 5ks all month. We’ve just done a hotel, and two 60+ square homes in the last two weeks.


Whats the perfect checklist to have when inspecting a roof with an adjustor to make sure you get everything paid for?


Source and network with local suppliers to keep costs down in the beginning. They will help you out when you get in a tight spot. Especially when starting. Not all will be willing to play ball.


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@RoofLife … on an 1100 s.f ranch, with 12-13 sq roof, it’s hard to get 9K … In MA, where everything is expensive, around $5K is a more than decent price, compared to $250/sq in mid west and so on… that’s where 5K comes from… sure a 25 square job should be a lot more…

BTW - my question still stands … where are you going to get so many leads to sell 120K / 250K etc… do you buy leads?

I mean being in biz for 3 week, you can’t have enough word of mouth referrals for that kind of volume


We knock doors. We hustle. Obviously we work referrals. I don’t buy leads, waste of money for our business model. We don’t sit around and wait for the phone to ring.

That’s rough on the numbers. In two years I’ve never even seen a 13 sq roof. We did a 19 sq a few weeks back, but insurance paid almost 9k for that with supplements.


Keep Up The Grind… It’s Never Easy :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

I’m up here in Memphis just starting myself.

Would love to get your ideas about marketing, hiring guys, etc.

I’m 65 years old and coming out of retirement to get active again lol.

My name is David.