Anyone ever fell through the roof? Or off the ladder?


i’ve stepped thru rotten wood, but never fell all the way thru.

ive had workers fall all the way thru. one went thru the attic and into the living room once. lol

had a couple of guys fall off ladders too. i hear its no fun.

thank god for workman’s comp!


Have gone through osb and that faulty fire-rated plywood from years back.


I fell 2 stories backward with cdx in my hand clinbing up the ladder to resheet.Almost fell directly on a concrete porch.Someone was watching me.


I was told of a story from my grandpa from a guy who worked for him about 30 years ago. It was a two story new construction roof and there was something about the way they were going to do the chimney that it hadnt been done yet. A guy felted over it and didnt mark it off. From here you know where this goes. The other guy feel through, all the way to the basement and broke his back.

The furthest Ive gone is one foot through.


where are you JMH?


went 36 ft backwards onto a pile of gravel. rode a 40 ft ladder down in 40 mph winds.want more?


there are 2 four letter words that are not allowed to be said on my job sites… [size=150]“FALL” & “RAIN”[/size]


had a guy that was supposed to be holding the ladder run off to brown nose the company vice president when we were doing snow removal. the legs slide out and i rode it down. it was only 15’ but i have about 7 kneecaps now because of it.


this post is a jinx


thats what i was thinking.


My brother in law had his compressor in his truck with tailgate up, lead hose teed to the roof with 5 roofers working. My brother in law drove off,forgot that the hose was hookesd to the compressor, one of the hoses wrapped around one of the guys and dragged him off 1.5 story roof. Broke a few bones and dislocolated shoulder. He could have sued, but was on disability, so he couldn’t do anything about it. My brother in law paid the medical bills though.


you win, that is the craziest sh!t i have ever heard. Does everyone have a dumba$$ brother in law.


i have a few dumb ass brothers…all of which have been fired


never fell from a ladder or off or thru a roof --ive slid and caught myself but never fell
i did shoot myself in the thigh with the nailgun though -really didnt hurt that bad at first -went the whole way in so when i tried to pull it out them 4 little wires left over from being on the coil that holds the nails together pulled some meat out with the nail and that part really hurt some but then it was fine like 5 mins later and i actually forgot about it the rest of the day --next morning my thigh muscle hurt so bad i walked funny for 2 days after that


OK. Resheeting a house. stepped into attic on the rafters to “power lift old sheething off the raters”, slipped went sidways through the sheet rock and landed on this ladys bed. Looked around. First thing i saw was the desk i could have landed on. Second thing i saw was the cross hanging on the wall above her bed. Funny thing was, the house was closing that week, the lady was old and hadent found anyone to move her bed or bedroom furniture for her yet. all in all stupid move on my part. But you know what they say.


rjosh , why did you ask this question?
did you fall or are you just board?


i have fallen off multiple ladders and roofs.


I just like to hear some stories since we have such a dangerous job.