One More Question-Brand/Model of Ridge Vents

I have been reviewing various brands of ridge vents. Roofer has quoted TrimLine. I looked at it today and frankly thought it looked cheap and not likely to hold up as well compared to a Cobra or Shingle Vent II that I have also looked at. Please guide me on my choice. I need good ventilation. Location Southeast with lots of shade from trees and limbs over my home that have lots of leaves dropping in the fall. The aesthetics(looks) of the low profile Trimline is nice but the Cobra and Shingle Vent looked a lot more sturdy.

Thanks again.

“trees and limbs over my home”.

ones indecision and subsequencal search for advise
is omnidirectional.

cut away trees and plants`away from your house so the sun can dry out your residence daily, or you will never get away from a damp , mildewy , moldy enviorntment in your attic / house.


thank you for your help…

Shingle vent II is the best IMO.

I use Shingle Vent II exclusively, but Cobra Snow Country is a near exact knock-off duplicate.



thank you for your reply. I did look at the Shingle Vent II and it appeared to be much sturdier than the TrimLine.

As I live in SE location, snow is a rare occurence, probably more ice storms than snow although there is the occasional snow storm.

I doubt if GAF/Elk dealer even stocks the Cobra Snow model. What about the Cobra II and Cobra III models? What’s the difference?

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Just stick with the Shingle Vent II and don’t over complicate things further than necessary.

It is the premium product on the market and ventilation is critical to a roof shingles life cycle performance.


I agree to agree.

Thanks Ed And GTP for your advice and help.

Shingle Vent II will be selected.