Once again


Please if you are NOT a member of roofing.com and post regularly i will NOT send you anything. I get about 10 emails a week from god knows who. I do not have time for people just randomly emailing wanting help but do not want to help others. I am sorry it has come to this but with the amount of emails and the lack of new posters, i just can not keep sending information that will make people money. I have posted this before and obviously no one reads that topic.

SO basically if you want something from me you need to become a member and post for a bit for me to send you what i have. Its like me emailing random people asking for money because this is just like money in a way if you follow it you make money, and im sure no one will send me anything. Like they say nothing in life is free.


What the hecks going on!! Did you win the lottery or being ornery?Here in the great state of what the puck we are all doing so well.NOT!!! but thought i would see whos bugging yeah and i will take care of them for a fee let say a rc cola and moon pie will cover it.



No tiny im just sick of 10 emails a week without even a please. Like i owe anyone anything. Just sick of it. I have stated a few times i will send only to posters and i get everyone and their brother.


Way to tell them!



All things roofing and very insightfull


We are talking sales help chuck.


add up the time that your spending on those emails. its equal to the amount of time your wife and kids lost spending with you.
or go do something on the “to do” list.
time is precious