? on brands of shingles

I thought I posted this but oh well here goes again… My buddy id redoing his roof and want to know what brand of archect shingles would be the best and why.

He has been told Certainteed and Tampko

I only use Gaf/Elk…only cause of the Elk part…sold Tamko up until last year, when they started coming through with too many snagle toothed shingles…Then I used Elks…They were very nice to work with, and had very few defective shingles…stay nice and straight with no lines…and seal almost instantly…Just like new Timberline Prestique… Only installed Certainteeds once, 4o yr,in the fall…did not care for them,…to hard to cut…and found out a few mo. laater that they were 5 yrs old, and they never sealed up…10/12,12/12 hip roof 56 sq. new const. (builder got a great price from supplier,lol)did not care for timberlines before the merge with elk either…

Given those choices I would choose Certainteed, Tamko’s are pretty decent also though.

Certainteed’s quality control has been slipping lately, anybody else notice this?
The majority of my Certainteeds come from the Avery plant.

Noticed some recent batches of Certainteeds with not quite perfect butt ends. Stlight modifications and an extra nail or two and the problem is fixed.

On the tear off we’re on now is Landmark Plus and they sealed down right away. Got another Plus job planned for next week. Right now can get the Plus for just $6 a square more than the 30’s.

All my Landmarks come out of the Shakopee plant, said to be Certainteeds largest plant by far.

Everything jwoolfsroofing said is absoultly true. I also only use GAF- ELK. Straight, Seals the best, very nice to work with. I use only metric. They are the best looking as well. They call it High Defintion. The color shading has a feathering effect. Using all their accessiories is the best roofing system with the best warranty in my oppinon. I use to hate metric, untill I used them on a couple jobs and I was hooked! Less shingles to nail and less nails needed. Easy to keep straight, Anl they look so nice.

call local supplier.
use a commonly sold brand.