On a 16 Year Old Tile FL Roof would you change the closed valleys into open valleys?

The home has an existing 16 year old tile roof with closed valleys. One roofer recommended making those valleys open. The other one said that it is not necessary as there are no trees over the roof and may damage the membrane in order to do the work.

Roof is in good shape. Wondering if making changes will make the roof better or not worth the risk?

In detail they said d) cut back all tile off inside V of existing valley metal (e) install Portland cement and pack on underside of cut valley tile to make open valley with closed off underside and (f) paint any or all tile areas as needed, seal all tie ins and transitions.

Would you recommend “opening” the valleys of this tile roof?

What problem are you trying to solve? If not one, why would you take this on?

No problem with the roof. Was just recommended to make roof better as it would get water off the roof faster.

One roofer said not necessary but he suggests it to make the roof better. Other roofer said I wouldn’t do it since it could puncture the membrane in ripping out the closed valley.

So I have two conflicting expert opinions. So looking for more opinions if it should be done?

16 year old tile roof with no trees over it in good condition.

I think if you have a perfectly functional roof and you decide to modify it for no justifiable reason, you need your head examined. You sound like someone that has a solution looking for a problem to apply it to.


So that roofer would cut valley open and then pack cement into it? This is the worst detail ever and he does not know anything. Cement cracks and the cracks not only let water in they ‘seek’ water and siphon it in. The water then has no exit point because it is trapped behind the cement.

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Thank you for your response! I value all input.

I appreciate your response. I need all the expert opinions I can get.

If those roofers were honest theyd tell you not to bother, pack up and head out. Making water flow faster isnt even a real thing unless hes going to make your roof steeper. If nothings wrong why touch it