Old house - Install Soffit vents or Under Shingle Intake vents

Hello Everyone, Looking for some feedback. Brought around 1950’s built house 2 yrs ago, previous owner had new roof installed in 2006 (so about 13+/- yrs old). Recently had tree branch fall on front side of house, causing damage. replacing entire front side of roofing shingles (at least). Upon further inspection, and roofers (some not all) inspecting finding out the roof as minimal to no intake vending. The house has a ridge vent, but there are no soffit vents, only other vents or high, side gable vents. A few of the roofers are recommending installing intake vents, but a few of recommending under shingle or drip edge vents. I am familiar with soffit vents but no experience dealing with these other types of intake vents. Concerned about potential blockage, etc. Do they work? I’ve seen some which are installed at the drip edge and others installed about 6"+/- further up under shingles. Which is better (if at all)? Or should we just cut and install soffit vents? Note, there is an over hang for soffit vents, but the area is currently covered with wood and aluminum over the wood.



Hard to tell without pictures but a good alternative to soffit vents is Lomanco Deck air. It is installed inside of the perimeter wall and provides intake to ridge vent.

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Slap some intake vent up on the roof,past wall for easier installation ,dont run it by manufacturer right next to gutter,water and snow might drive inside if too low.

Does your house have a good overhang? Open attic? If so,standard soffits vents are best.
Just make sure there is a clear path for the air.