OK to lay shingles on wet felt?

Hello, my roofer is hosing down the felt and shingles due to the heat. Is it ok to lay shingles on wet felt? Is it common practice to wet shingles/felt in the hot weather? Thankyou.

Wetting shingles yes when very hot. Wetting the felt is only going to telegraph bumps when the felt buckles from the water. Thats if it buckles. It will depend on alot of things like direct sun and water on felt should not hurt anything. But i would not do it. I would only hit the shingles.

Wetting shingles good.

Wetting felt right before installation, not good.

He doesn’t have to wet the felt to install the shingles…just the shingles.

if your in a real hot climate,
it will steam out.
it will get cooked out in a couple a days.


wetting the shingles makes them slippery i use an old couch cushion. his name is spongebob.

Carpet remnants work well too.

wetting the felt will trap moisture and that is not good.I live in a very hot climate and that will only help in cooking your shingles from bottom of shingles to the top.

It’ll also allow the water to run under the top course and leak through the nail holes…so he isn’t wetting much of the felt…is he?