Off the wall question -- weight of aluminum gutters etc

Ok, so I am havung my roof and soffit facia redone…and started thinking about whether it makes sense for me to recycle the old aluminum gutter and facia…

At .70 a pound right now, I guess it might be, but no idea how much this stuff will weigh.

I figure about 140-150 feet of gutter…and the facia.

Or would the price of the gas to take it 10 miles away be a wash?

Drip edge also, it may be worth it.
It will all probably be less than 100 lbs, just guessing.

30-50 bucks.


Dont forget the flashings and the vents

If it were me, I would save it and take it back.

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I think I will.

I am hoping that the contractor hasnt already planned on that in his head…it hasnt come up yet…we sign the contract today.

The metal recycler Italked to said that hey are VERY busy lately…up to a 2 hour wait to get to the scales! They said thatsince the gas prices ahve started to skyrocket they have seen a huge jump in recycling…

The sub that does the work normally gets scrap. I understand what you are trying to do but make sure you can get the scrap. Normally that has to be setup when the contract is signed.

I would let the roofer take it. I’ve always thought the HO was cheap when they took the scrap.

LOL Well, I admit I am frugal…why throw away or give away easy excess money when all I have to do is collect it, load it and dump it?

I am already giving the contractor a crapload of my hard earned money (admitedly for his hard work and materials)…

Not to mention I am already doing him the favor of paying him cash (per his request…but definately getting a receipt)…

Quite frankly, I am not worried if someone thinks I am “cheap”…its my money. :wink:

shadango – I would keep mine also. But I am cheap.

I met wioth the contractor friday evening and we came o an agreement…I keep all the old aluminum and his guys keep all the new scrap aluminum from trimming etc…He did say that usualy his guys like to keep the scrap for beer money…

So I said that if the work turned out great I would buy the case of beer. :slight_smile:

The only problem we have right now is the color of the shingles.

Our current roof is brown and tan…not too light or too dark…I was really looking for a roof the same color to be honest…

Our guy had suggested OC’s “Driftwood”…Well, he brought a bundle with him and we laid ot on the roof/…it kind of hits me as too blue-grey and sort of looks like an old grey roof to…not the look I was going for …He is coming back with some of the Desert Tan, but thinks it may be TOO tan for our house…

:cry: I need a color expert…LOL

It is illegal for him to ask for cash. Without proof you paid you have no recourse. I would not pay in cash period.

We paid the down payment in cash but got a signed receipt stating what the deposit was and what it was for, and had a witness there who also signed it…

He didnt insist on cash.,.he simply asked if it was possible…

I figured that a check with his signature on it from my account isnt any more proof that a signedreceipt with his signature on it.

Of course, I also have proof of the withdrawl from my account as well as a copy of his drivers license.

Usually, a contractor requesting a “Cash” payment is cheating on their justly due workmans comp insurance, liability insurance and also their appropriate taxes, which include Social Security and Unemployment benefits.
I would always pay with a check or if possible, a credit card, to protect my interests.

Sounds sort of shady to me. How tacky to be bringing up “Beer” Money. Dang, don’t roofers have a poor enough reputation already? Well, its guys like that, which will reinforce that slime ball reputation.


Ed is right. You should never pay someone in cash. Shaking my head. How much of a discount is he giving since he is going to dodge the taxes. If he gets caught he is out of business and your warranty si gone.

Thanks for the feedback…but I don’t think I am too worried at this point…I have thought it through a lot…here is my thinking…

The guy has really great references…spoke to them myself and I also went and saw his work…he has been to my house 4 times…the first for the original estimate, a second when I decided to add s&f to it (he could have just as easily faked that and just given me an inflated bill)…he came back to my house a third time to show me a new sample of different color shingle…he lives 30 miles away…I doubt that he would do that, on saturday evening to boot, if he was out to screw me.

Maybe he is going thorugh a divorce…maybe he is a small-time guy and simply prefers cash because other folks have screwed him on a bouncing check …who knows…

Not really any of my business as to why he asked if I could pay him cash. He didn’t insist, he asked.

A personal check does NOTHING to protect you anymore than a receipt does…the only thing a personal check from me would do is show where he deposited the money. Either a check or a receipt would show that I gave him the money. The signed contract shows the reason WHY I gavc him the money. I dont feel too woriied from that perspective. Its not like I have no written contract or receipt. I have a copy of his drivers’ license, and I will have a copy of his insurance info before he starts…and I have a detailed reciept, signed by a witness.

Compared to the other contractors, I think he is giving me a pretty good price given the extras he is doing overall…he was very detailed in his original quote as far as what I would get…WAAAAAAY ,more detailed than any of the other 5 contractors who gave me a bid…he was Ok with my buying the skylights from home depot so I could get a better price versus the price from his supplier and put it on my credit card so I could get the free financing for a year…in fact he suggested that…hardly sounds like a guy out to screw me.

If I go to a local shop owned by just a plain old guy (not a walmart or soemthing I mean), there is no difference if I pay for something by cash or check…in either case I get a receipt. He may or may not report that money…how is one to know?? How do you know that that shopkeeper is paying his insurance and workers comp and everything else? You dont.

I dont think its fair to burn this guy without knowing him…maybe he is trying to dodge paying more to his wife in alimony (I have a couple buddies going through difvorces, so I could understand that if it were the case) or maybe he is trying to cheat the tax man (which I do not condone)…or maybe he likes to collect the cash so he can go home and roll around naked in it…why do I care?

He could have just as easily gone to a quick-cash place and cashed my check…would have been the same net result.

Warranty-wise – When we bought our house, there was a signifigant project done to the yard right before we bought it…well it truns out the contreactor did a lousy job…we had acopy of the check the previous owner had…and we tried to contract the contractor…we were out of luck ast he contractor was already out of business…so a personal check guarantees NOTHING I have found.

As far as the beer money, I am the one who brough it up originally.

I grew up old-school and these days in my profession I deal with a lot of work crews as a video and events priducer…I have been taught t oalways be sure your crew is happy…a couple beers or lunch or even cold water goes a long way to keeping acrew happy in their work. Having been on work crews before, I KNOW thats true. So when I have work done on my house I offer beer or soda etc…

He DID say that he would not allow me to offer beer to the crew during the job, but after was OK.

And come on…none of you guys drink beer after a hard days work? I personallydont drink at all…but I know a lot of guysDO like to throw down a cold one after a hard days work in the sun and heat.

I would wager that here may even be someone out ther right now throwing back acold one whilereading this (long) post… :smiley:

Oh, and we did finally do OK on the color stuff…the colr of the OC shingle he brought out the second time is PERFECT! :wink:

Well, your more detailed description of the scenario, regarding the cash and beer now makes more sense.

No, I would NEVER allow a home owner to supply myself or any crew members to accept any beer, not at lunch time, nor even on their property at the end of the day. If they want to go back there after they bring my trucks or vans back, I have no problem with that at all.

I don’t think the image of a roofing crew drinking a case a beer at lunchtime would do well for our company image and also for referrals.

Water, Pop, sandwiches or cookies are just as much of a nice gesture, without the liability attached.


Gotcha, and I agree 100%

ABout 10 years ago I had a guy doing bobcat work at my house.

I had offered a couple of beers and he oblidged…project turned out GREAT.

Now, looking back, that may have not been the smartest thing I could have done…he never indicated any tippsiness, etc, but had he been affected by it, probably not ag ood idea considering hewas weilding a bobcat around my house…LOL

The beer thing, I intended as a bit of a tip for if they do a superb job…and I figured it would simply be a “take with” kind of deal…I am sure they arent gonna want to hang out at a job site they have been on all day just to drink a beer…

I am getting pretty excited about this project now that the hardest decisions have been made… :smiley:

YEs but giving a contractor cash opens up a tax liability to the contractor. That means he is not paying his taxes due on your roof. And that will lead to you pulling a permit or not getting one at all. ALl the way around no matter how you make excuses for this guy i think he is not a pro because i have never accepted nor will ever execpt cash. Its just bad business. I would not want anyone doing work on my house that is cheating. Lying cheating and stealing go hand in hand.And he is cheating the government. You said he gave a good deal, Because you are paying in cash. See he does not have to pay workmans comp on your job, SO if someone gets hurt you might be resposible when the insurance company does the audit since an injury happened. You are in way over your head to save a buck. Good luck to you. Make all the excuses why this is good. In the end he has broken the law.

Ok, but how does my paying him by check (which can be cashed at any quickie cash place so it never touches a traceable bank account) connect with him pulling permits or paying his taxes or not?

He could NOT do those things regardless of how I pay him.

ALl the way around no matter how you make excuses for this guy i think he is not a pro because i have never accepted nor will ever execpt cash. Its just bad business. I would not want anyone doing work on my house that is cheating. Lying cheating and stealing go hand in hand.And he is cheating the government. [/quote]

Not making excuses for anyone…just using my own experience and common sense to figure this out.

I have accepted cash from clienst in my own business and reported EVRY penny of it.

Please re-read all of my posts…he had the deal written down well BEFORE the question of paying by cash EVER came up and he NEVER suggested that the price would go up if I didnt pay by cash…he politely asked if it was possible. AGain, the numbers he presented were very simialr to 5 other contractors…it was just the details he offered that I liked better.

You are in way over your head to save a buck. Good luck to you. Make all the excuses why this is good. In the end he has broken the law.[/quote]

There was actually a contractor who was lower…so Ididint pick the cheapest…I pisked who I percieved as the most detail oriented, most concienciousand the person I clicked with the best…maybe thats an ass-backwards way to do it, but it has worked for me in the past so…

:? He hasnt broken the law unless he doesnt pay his taxes on the job, etc. And seeing as the job hasnt happened yet and I just gave hom the down payemnt so far, how can you just assume he is going to do something less than honest? As I suggested maybe HE is less than comfortable about taking a large amount of money in a personal check when he has to buy my materials with it?? No idea…

Again not making any excuses…just looking at it reasonably…I am about the most paranoid fool you will find but I am OK with it so far.

If (true) red flags start to pop up I will be the first to blow the whistle, trust me! LOL :smiley: