Off gassing in new roof

We had a new shingle roof put on in Nov. 2018. Since then we had a smell throughout our house which burns our eyes and throat. We had air conditioners checked and cleaned, air quality test came out clean, VOC came clean, attic is clean so that is why we think it may be the roof. I do know they did use a synthetic underlining instead of tar paper…also we had a flat roof just replaced in case the wood was rotten with other compounds…still the smell exists. We also had a solar vent put on the roof for extra ventilation…Please if you have any advise let us know…Thank you

You may be right but if so, this would be a new one to me. Have you looked under your house to inspect the crawl space? How about air sealing around any openings in the ceiling like can lights/etc. If you have large amts of air/smell coming from the attic down into the living space then possibly the attic ventilation system was messed with during your new roofing install. What brand of synthetic was used? Do you have an attic or is it cathedral ceiling? Not exactly sure the cause but some details might help me (it others) point u in the right direction.

What type of flat roof was installed?