Hi there , this is my first post after on this site.There is allot of knowledge here and maybe someone can help me.
I tore off all the hardboard siding and want to replace with vinyl.The overhang was flush with the wall and I had to rebuild it from water damage and i extended another 6 inches. My question is, should I have extended the overhang to the right about 6 inches also so the vinyl outside corner trim will have a stopping point? I have the first course on and just noticed that this might be a problem , so i stopped to ask before i went to far and had a big problem…I know this is a general construction question, but im sure you roofers have seen this enough to guide me in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not completely sure I understand your question, however I want to know if you’ve got any kind of joint flashing for that roof to siding place?

Step Flashing or Turnback Metal?

I know how to do the step flashing where the roof meets the gable end, i was wondering if the eave needs to extend past the outside wall about 6 inches . I marked an X where i am refering to in the next pic.

It doesn’t ‘need’ to be moved… Would everything turn out a little prettier, maybe…

those details are terrible. only ONE nail in the very corner of a step flashing.The other is a leak. The counter flashing should be steped into the brick joints not one piece. Oh Well

The center detail is right out of the NRCA handbook.

easy rooferj.
dude just wants to know if the deck to wall constuction will work.

its fine the way it is…