OC Ventsure Rigid Roll Vent vs Anything Better?


Used the OC on my garage and was about to put on my home. However lots of complaints that the little passages (like corrugated cardboard) clog up. (I will check my garage today to see if there is flow coming out - job was done 7 years ago.

Or should I just Use Cobra “Scotchbrite” and forget about it? NOTE: This was a topic 11 years ago, but a lot of new products since then.

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Use a 4’ sectional rigid plastic ridgevent that requires hand nailing with 2 1/2" or longer nails.

All the stuff that comes in a roll is inferior, it is not as tall and has less net free are to breath through, especially the stuff that says a nail gun can be used for application.


Agree 100%, Axiom. The scrothbrite looking stuff is garbage.


Thanks. (actually, since posting, I was coming around to that conclusion)

QUESTION: Does anyone make a 4’ rigid that stays under the caps with NO topside exposure to the sun?

Or one with a 50 years warranty to match shingle warranties?

I’ve seen vent with those exposed wind guards cracking at 20 years. Of course, have they improved the plastic UV resistance?


Roll vent is all garbage, only reason guys Use it is so they can gun nail it. Use the 4’ plastic sections, pretty much all the same gaf, air vent, certainteed. We been using air vent for probably for 30yrs with 3" roofers and have never had a call back for blow offs Or seen it fail prematurely.


What about GAF Cobra Ridge? I’m doing a dormer and the 18 sq in per foot is a ton of area for a small roof. The 12.5 from a roll would be better.

NOTE: I don’t know if it would be a good idea to “restrict the flow” with the slot width or an appropriate number of holes.

Regarding roll: The “Scotchbrite stuff” and “Corrugated Cardboard stuff” sound totally loser. However the GAF CR is plastic and has internal structure like the 4’ stuff.


Personally I would still use the ridgid plastic like cobra 3. On a dormer like you are talking about just make your cut smaller. Cobra roll is the scotch bright stuff someone referred to. When we tear off roofs with it on it is usually smashed flat and falling apart after 20, years not doing much good. The plastic also gives you a second line of defence and some support structure under the hips to keep them from cracking and sagging.


NAILS are another problem: I use 1-1/2" hot dipped galvanized roofing nails which have to be mail-ordered where I live (45min East of Pittsburgh.) Some of the 4’ vents do not come with nails and worse, the ones that do - QUESTION: Do they include nails for the shingle caps?

I guess it was Cobra Ridge Runner that caught my eye. It looks like mesh with a plastic top and plastic verticals where you nail the shingles so the mesh never gets crushed.


The GAF vent you want is called snow country.

The stuff that comes in a roll is crap, all of it.


Thanks, I’ll forget roll crap entirely.

Checked GAF site and Snow Country Advanced comes with the nails, not the “plain” Snow Country. (or so they say)

I need the nails so its SCA or Ridge Vent 3 - both box stores carry Snow Country but I don’t know when you should choose SC/SCA over RV3.

NOTE: Went up on my garage w/OC Ventsure Rigid Vent (cardboard honeycomb type) and in sunlight and after a rain, I wold not detect any flow with my fingers or a infrared thermometer. Installed in 2011, I would have sworn I could feel heat spilling out when I installed it. Outside looks OK, inside can’t see because of thin membrane on the bottom.


Just use 3" electrogalv roofers.


I can get hot dipped locally - they sell them by the pound like in Olden Times.


Yes, all the roll ridge vent is crappy.
Not just inferior airflow but cosmetics especially.
It looks wavy.

My favorite is the owens cornings 4 foot sectional vent. I think It is the most rigid, durable and straightest looking vent.
I like how they lock into each other
And their nails are a nice corrosion resistant ring shank.

I think there is a place for the Owens corning rigid roll and that is on slopes that are really too low slope for real ridge vent.


I actually found 2-1/2 hot dipped ring nails at a nearby mom & pop hardware store. They have the rubber washers, but they can be removed. This store was 20 minutes from me and I never knew it existed. Amazing what they have…



Used 4’ rigid GAF Snow Country Advanced. Supposed to have all the 3" ring nails to do the caps but although the vent has 30 stations to clip nails in, GAF is so cheap they only provide 27 nails. What a pathetic joke.

Afterwards I learned that the OC 4’ rigid snaps together. This would be quite welcome to help keep straight lines. Because of this, I would use the OC next time.

I don’t know where you could buy 3" hot dipped ring roofing nails.


The ventsure gives 20sq inches of free airspace per foot. The others are 18


Ace Hardware usually has hot dipped roofing nails of all sizes (hand bangers).


I guess it depends where you live - Ace has what all the box stores have: electro galvanized. But I did find a mom & pop hardware store that had the HD ring Roofers w/sealing washer in 1.5, 2, and 2.5 inches. AND they were at least 35% cheaper than the box stores - they sold them by the # like in Olden Times.


While I am a firm believer in quality fasteners electro galvanized nails are fine for the ridge.


After seeing so many roofers lift and poke through shingles and after seeing how ring shanks grip, I’d just never use a smooth roofer ever again. I was also dealing with 80 year old 1-by sheathing too that had 24 ga galvanized patches - only ring shanks will grip the galvanized.