OC roof warranty question

We recently had OC Duration shingles installed on our roof and I am concerned they may not honor the warranty because of some installation issues. In their warranty they state that the “installation must be in accordance with our written installation instructions and comply with local building codes.”

The installation instruction state the measurement for exposure, offset, and nail pattern. In about a dozen locations you can see a nail head in between the shingles ends. Also there are about a dozen places where the nail head is about half exposed from the shingle above (exposure is wrong). There are complete courses where the entire row has an offset of about 2 inches. Last, there are many places where there is a nail within 2" of the shingle ends.

Owens Corning gives specific measurements in their instructions and non of the above is correct.

If the exposure is to be 5-5/8", Offset 6-1/2", no nails within 2" of any shingle ends, No exposed nail heads, WHAT IS AN ACCEPTABLE DIFFERENCE? 1/8"? 1/4? 3/8"?

I realize they only insure the shingle and not the installation but the way I understand it the will not even warranty the shingles the way it was installed.

What do you think?

Sorry to read about your problems. Looks like your issues are with a non professional roofer. The chance for leaks is very high. As soon as the electro galvanized nail rust it’s leaking. The two inch offsets are your main concern right now. They are a problem.
You could caulk the exposed nails but I bet there is alot. As far as warranty, OC warrants the shingle against manufactures defects. You would be prudent to get the roofer to fix the problems.

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The nails near joints are bad but fixable with sealant. The two inch offset is the dealbreaker. It could be fixed with a lot of work by a good roofer, but they would be breaking the seal loose on a lot of shingles. The nails showing half moon sometimes just mean the shingler was trying to be conscious to hit the proper nailing point, which is good. The big issue is if they had guys on your roof running two inch offsets there most likely are a lot more issues that you haven’t noticed yet. Pictures are needed for proper assessment.

What is your warranty issue? Color? Blow offs? Perhaps your warranty issue is with the installer. Most companies offer a Workmanship Warranty of 5 years. So it is one or the other. If they didn’t install to manufacturer’s guidelines, that’s a clear workmanship warranty. If they did, it’s a manufacturer’s warranty. Get the installer out there and let them fight it out with OC to determine which of them buys you a new roof.