O&P on liberty mutual


Currently working with a client on their claim, Liberty mutual has determined this claim is not worthy or O&P. also, if they do finally agree it is warranted, I was told it would not be paid on roofing line items. HA

Trades completed:

Painting of entire home
Special order screens
AC unit damaged beyond repair insurance agreed to replace the entire thing after we came to this conclusion with a third party
Shutters we all destroyed
fascia had to be replaced

I have only been in the industry for a little while, but holy crap. Any suggestions?!


The only time I have ever gotten O&P on a roof is for commercial jobs any other time (rare, maybe a handful) happened just by luck or lack of knowledge from the adjuster, idk lol but emphasize that you are a general contractor, not a roofing company, or a window or hvac company, all of these trades had to be orchestrated and scheduled in a timely manner and you have invoices & a general contractor’s license warranting O&P. I’ve also gotten my homeowner to side with us and call their insurance company to get O&P paid for…usually my older homeowners bc no way would they be able to orchestrate all the trades needed to complete their repairs within the timeline (usually a yr to 2 yrs).


O+P is NOT based on “complexity” or “number of trades” as claimed by nearly every insurance company out there. Xactimate pricing specifically does not include overhead and profit for the GC. Xactware themselves state this on their own website. When they do their pricing surveys, O+P for the GC is specifically excluded. there’s a white paper on their website explaining this. Nonetheless, they are so stuck in that argument that it is still difficult to get even when shown proof but even if they won’t give it to you, you can use it to bargain for other stuff they aren’t including (“if you aren’t going to at least give me O+P, I’m going to need that Ice & Water shield- I can’t eat the both”) You can usually get a tradeoff even if you can’t get O++P if you handle it right.


Agreed homebrewer. I do like to bargain other things they excluded. I’ve gotten a lot of great adjusters who see that O&P is warranted (you can hear it in their voice when they say their supervisor said no) who try to pay for items needed that they originally said no to. As for the original poster, stand your ground. A lot of times you’re educating the desk adjuster about the items needed on a roof. When you sound like you know what you’re talking about, they get intimidated and are more likely to agree because they’ve never been on a roof before and have no idea the costs we eat job after job due to their negligence.


Thank you for this info, I generally have about a 90% success rate with O&P, this is specific to Liberty Mutual and then not wanting to allow the amount on any roofing line items. They are being a real pain!


You will need to go to appraisal or get a PA involved to get LM to pay O and P on a roof.


Liberty Mutual owns SafeCo insurance. They try to get away without paying O & P also.
One of the managers told if you don’t like it, “so sue me”. This was only in one situation.
Sometimes you do get better results by going to a supervisor. I have been in this
business for going on 10 years now. The title of adjuster means to Adjust Down on
what they will pay out. And, yes the roof is part of the 0 & P. Your project should pay
O & P on the total amount.


Threaten then will going to appraisal. Again, most good appraisers have no issues with paying O&P.


Liberty Mutual and Safeco never pay O&P on roof items, it is their policy and that will never change…you can send them redacted sub invoices on the back end for all the other trades and usually with the appropriate documentation they will pay it on the back end.