O&P being denied on multiple trades

We have a claim where we did a full replacement of the roof, about to do a full replacement of the siding, gutter/downspout detach and reset along with a downspout repair. It is now looking like asbestos siding removal will be added if tests positive.

The exterior of the house after removing the old vinyl is not suitable for new vinyl installation. Multiple planes/surfaces that are at different depths require removal. Mixture of insulbrick, potential asbestos siding, and fan fold patching in broken and missing areas.

They are sending someone out to test the siding. My last conversation with the in house adjuster was basically that he wasn’t adding on O&P because the complexity isn’t there. He said that as the claim sits now (before testing), it doesn’t qualify but that I am welcome to argue it with the adjuster that comes out to take a look at the siding.

This is the 4th adjuster they have sent out.

Adjuster #1 - Approved a siding patch. No replacement.

Adjuster #2- Approved roof repair. No replacement.

Adjuster #3- Brought an independent adjuster. Full replacement of roof and siding.

The Homeowner is on my side and will go to bat for me if necessary. I’ve read that some people get a letter from the policy holder and have them send it in. Work is shut down now until they test. I’m planning on doing temp repairs to make the home watertight and giving the invoices for that to the homeowner to turn in.

Am I entitled to O&P or am I missing something ?

If so, What’s the best way to argue this?

Depends on carrier how I would approach. I’d bring HO in also as a last resort.

The homeowner is on your side? Isn’t it the homeowners claim? I call in the homeowner as the first resort. If they want you to handle all that crap, I’d tell them to call their insurance and demand O&P be paid. Or they can find the hazmat mitigation company and deal with the other subs.

Quit acting like a Public Adjuster and start acting like a contractor.