Nu-Lok Roofing System

Has anyone on here installed the Nu-Lok roofing system? And if so what do you guys think of it?

Its the best thing since Kool Aid.

Never heard of it.

I take my joke about the Koolaid back.It actually seems like a good product.I thought it was another one of those metal roofing scams like Interlock.
The solar roofing thing seems very interesting

:shock: Click here for wind test video click here for pics

Thanks for your opinions. My company is the distributor for the product here in the United States and just wanted to get some honest opinions from you guys. As you guys seem to be very knowledgable with roofing products.

I never heard of it until I saw this thread.
Do you have a marketing dept?
How about architectural manuals?

If you want to PM me your information I can send some manuals and literature out.


We just did a residential job with it. It seemed like an ok product but it was ugly as sin. Very commercial looking…we actually had to modify it so it looked better. I don’t like the box type detail around everything. I guess it’s ok if you don’t mind your house looking like a Burger King.

Tar, did you get fries with that?

That’s why we suggest ramdom width slates when selecting the slate size to help break up the roof a little bit. Gives the roof a much better look (less commercial)

what about the solar energy aspect ?

Currently our solar panels are undergoing UL testing. The testing process takes up to 6 months. But the nice thing with this systems is you just un-clip the slate and slide the solar panels right in their place.