North West Line Item Labor Costs


I changed the title of this thread because it wasn’t clear.

I’ve been looking for a while for a /SQ(or if applicable/LF) price list for line item labor.
For example:
Install comp architectural shingles hr/sq
Tear off 1 layer hr/sq

I’m starting a roofing company. Just passed the exam and have $XX,XXX for tools/materials/supplies/INSURANCE. I’ve done roofing, carpentry everything. I have a home inspection business and one employee. I have installed roofs and had a crew when I was working for another company. I’ve never bid a gosh darn thing. I live in the Pacific North West but any area of the country would help. I don’t want to get hung up on the details extraneous to a price list.

I have some roofing estimates from my clients as a home inspector but there is no breakdown. A simple $/SQ for a typical very average comp roof would help.

I deal with a lot of realtors and will probably be doing repairs until spring and may be able to get started by only bidding on roofs that already have a bid on them. Roofers up here are backed up for months. They don’t need the work. I could just match their estimate (I’m just thinking aloud).

Can anybody help me generate a price list? I really don’t want to underbid the heck out of my first job. If you know and are willing to help I’d really appreciate your advice. Thanks.

I’ll probably start working on my own and ask anybody on here for help fine tuning it. Thanks, Sincerely.


My piece of advice would be to get a pricelist from your supply house of choice. This will leave you with numbers that you will actually be paying. Not what you ‘should’ be paying.