North Alabama Roofer Needed

I’m a roofer in the Dallas area that seeks to converse with a licensed north Alabama roofing company regarding some work I will be doing for family

I have a Alabama Residential Homebuilders License which is the requirement for replacing a Residential Roof in Alabama. Are you having to pull a permit? You may contact me if you wish but I should be clear upfront that I don’t/won’t “loan out” my license to other people. Too much potential liability.

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I’m looking to use local crews, your name, your sign.

My office is in Birmingham. What’s in this for my company?

Generally I supply material, you get to put up your signs, promote your company for a net plus. It really depends on your labor rate per square. What is the going rate per square there labor only? We could do a flat fee per house or square. In order to give you a better idea I will have to know your price per square. Just keep in mind I do this for a living and isn’t my first rodeo. It’s easy money for whoever I choose. Usually minimum 500 per 35sq or smaller.

We average $350 per square and 45 to 50% gross profit. That is labor and material. We use subs for the labor. You talking $500 profit for 35 square? Seriously?

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Obviously you’ve never done this before and are looking to make retail off a job that you don’t have to fund or manage. I’m looking for someone more experienced in doing business this way. I asked for your labor only rate and you quoted me retail??? I’m no longer interested in talking to you. Best wishes

That makes two of us. You’re wanting to pay peanuts while using my license and labor. Plus, I’m the one absorbing GL and WC plus the workmanship warranty obligation. I don’t need your assistance funding jobs. Good luck.

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If your crews suck so bad that warranty is an issue I’m glad it didn’t work out :joy:

That’s such a stupid comment it is laughable. Of course, if I didn’t have a viable, established, licensed company where I had to be concerned with such things, I might make ignorant comments like that as well.

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Fat man,

You are obviously exactly as your name states. Some fat ass that finds lowball crews to make you all the money and they starve.

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Stick to tile you dumbass

Damn! I wanted to use Rooferman but a really good roofer already had it. We do tile, comp, metal and some flat work. We specialize in high end reroof on historic homes, usually installing comp but sometimes slate or tile. I also pay a man what he is worth. My foremen make $30+ per hour with benefits, bonuses and paid vacations.I start laborers fresh out of high school at $15 and they get raises quickly. In our area that is well above industry standard. I make good money and make sure they do as well and I sleep well at night mostly. Can you say the same fatass? $500 per house? I wouldn’t drop my tailgate for that.

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See that’s where you lack knowledge of the industry. If you are small time and have never owned roofing companies in multiple states please refrain from commenting as it shows your lack of business reach. Again… I’m not here to educate anyone. I’m here to hire someone who has already gained the knowledge and benefits

Proud to be small time and doing quite well without underpaying anyone.


Again, not here to teach or convince anyone. Pay is what it is and is determined by market. Your snap judgements continue to show your lack of business knowledge. You shouldn’t comment on things in which you don’t know. I don’t have time or energy to educate you. Is there not any roofing companies on this forum that are regional or national and have experience doing storm chasing?

Spose he got run out of TX, but the con never ends…


I own a roofing company with permanent offices in three states. I’d be insulted to be compared to an illegitimate scumbag like you. What’s wrong, too stupid or lazy to pass the GC test in Alabama? You’re obviously a fly by night low life who is lecturing reputable, competent businessmen. See the irony yet moron?

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Your on crack man… the questions you posed show your lack of knowledge. Otherwise you wouldn’t have asked. The more you talk the more it’s clear you’ve never storm chased in your life. I have family that I need to roof and a sales staff of 7 ready to go. One of the salesman did 75k net his side last year… but I’m fly by night. Is that how y’all do it in my home state when you feel threatened by someone who knows more than you? You get insulted because your lack of experience is too limited to see that it could have been very lucrative for you? This forum must be for blow hards. I will come there in person to do this in a few days. Can you please tell me what roofing companies y’all own so I sure as hell won’t visit them.

By the way I’m Alabama you don’t have to get a full blown home building license (I’ve done that too) you can get a roofing specific one. Just thought I would let you know because it looks like it’s been a while since you have taken any continuing education