No Starter Shingles!

I’m buying a house with a new roof, but it was installed without starter shingles. The insurance company is requiring me to install starter shingles. Can this be accomplished without having to redo the entire roof?

Yes but it is a fairly difficult job. Still much cheaper than an entire roof but I would recommend a thorough inspection from a reputable roofing contractor. If they didn’t install starter I can only imagine what else they did wrong, most likely improper nailing. Don’t spend a bunch of money to correct one thing when there may be other problems lurking.

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By no starters do you mean nothing at all,or just “improper” starter shingles?

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I agree with patchap. Or maybe they meant “no starter shingles up the rake”(which are optional).

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No starter shingles at all :disappointed:

It wasnt done by an experienced roofer.
If this easy detail was missed, than i’d wager they missed everything.

Very hard pill to swallow, i understand.
This happens a lot when someone is forced to replace their roof to sell their home.
They despise the process and choose the very cheapest person they can find to do it.

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I’d be interested to see some pics of the missing starter. I’d like to think the installer wasn’t that poor to not install anything. Not that I’d be shocked as lots of new home buyers end up with terribly done (but brand new!) roofs for the exact reason roof_lover described.

Just to confirm some type of starter is required for waterproofing on the bottom horizontal row of shingles. They are NOT required (but can be debated if they help with wind) on the vertical edges. Just want to make things clear as we routinely need to correct people who have been given bad advise by home inspectors on this forum.


I need to have starter shingles installed to get home owners insurance.! I hope this is download works.IMG_20191116_221649|374x76

We need to see a pic up close to offer any good advise. There is no way to tell whats up that far away.

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