According to some on this forum,nobody can do anything right except for them.Because your new on this forum you don’t know anything.Go figure,because a guy doesn’t sit on this forum and post hundreds of threads,he doesn’t know anything.Or is it because I’m from Canada and you think I can only roof igloos.Well I try to get along with everybody and have an opinion as well as tonnes of knowledge that can be of benefit to many.I can also learn a great deal from some members.I’ve even been put down for being a roofer on here,just doesn’t make any sense.Thanx-the"newbie"

From Roofboss?

Don’t mind him. He’s old school. If it appears he’s on a lot, he probably is. He retired after a whole lotta years in commercial.

That don’t mean he’s not an ahole though. :wink:

Thanx Aaron,at least there is someone on here without attitude.Look forward to your replies and threads. :smiley:

Just started out on the wrong foot, thats all…

Well sorry if I started out on the wrong foot,I guess everybody does things differently.It still doesn,t give anyone the right for personal attacks.I’ll just watch what I say from now on,so nobody takes me the wrong way.The last thing I wanted was a conflict,so heres to a new start :arrow:

if we can handle GWEEDO :smiley: , we can handle you. welcome.

John we started on the wrong foot. I never personally attacked you in any way shape or form. Im sure you know what you are doing. Just do not call people out when you first come here and this never would have happened. Welcome.

John, its really quite simple, I know everything about roofing EXCEPT, why they put wood fiber board under a metal paneled roof?!?!?! So, everybody just listen to me, I am right.

If you disagree with me on anything, you are probably wrong and I am right. If someone feels they need to belittle me or speak harshly against me, they are really wrong and just need to try to hurt me because I am right.

I don’t hold that against anybody, it is just the animal coming out of human nature to try to tear down someone when they feel they are trapped by their lack of knowledge.

Its kinda like the pecking order, I’m at the top and everybdoy else is below me. Once that whole order is accepted, things go really smooth.

Jeez, I’m starting to sound like my wife now?!?!?! :?

I dont care who’s on top. The checks roll downhill.

I appreciate the welcomes.Look forward to being a part of this forum. :slight_smile:


Well that explains a little about yourself,I guess your the 1 guy to ignore.I reccommend staying off of the sites with half-naked fatmen :roll:

Making an entire thread saying, “LOOK AT ME, I HAVE BEEN WRONGED!!!111!!11” may get you sympathy from other people here but not from me. You want to fit in around here? Drawing yet more attention to yourself isn’t the way to do it. Any discomfort you feel has been brought about by your own actions so cowboy the eff up, grow a set and deal with it. No need to make a crybaby thread, just act like a human being, show a little respect and it will go away all by itself. Even my seven year old daughter knows to treat people the way she wants to be treated.

If I was looking for sympathy I would’ve looked between sh** and syphyllis in the dictionary.All I want to do is be part of this forum,you’ve only been on here a year and that makes you a long time member?Telling me to grow a set?Why don’t you have some respect?Just end it,forget about it

WOW, I just checked, I’ve been here a long time?!

Just imagine all the people I have given my knowledge to… I’m sure most of them are out of business by now.


You weren’t here awhile back when Aaron and I were going at it, but I think we understand each other now. We may not agree with each other, but we know what to expect from the other. :smiley:

Shut up consultant!

Im kidding. :mrgreen: