New York prices-you guys charge this------

where i live,these are some of the prices:
ROOFING-2 layer tear off about 180-200 per square. add 600 bucks for the removal/container.
JUST GOING OVER EXISTING SHINGLE IS 125 PER SQUARE,no tear off. ply wood replace-50 per sheet.
SIDING— 150 per square. add 400 for tear off and 600 for removal. so 150 for going over existing wood shingle if the shingles are in good shape./
WINDOWS- remove and replace is about 180-200 for average sixe window. Bay or Bow window is about 1,000/
300 to construct roof over bay window.
basement window is 100 per window for replace and removal. windows also include capping as well.
Door-entry door is about 600 for removal and replace with pre-hung. 150 per door for interior.
I have another house to do that i own and these are the prices I was given. If these are cheap prices,can you guys please give me some average prices that you know of.for example,how much you guys would charge per square on average for roofing and siding as well as windows and doors?

where in NY?

staten island. marshall,if you can. give me the average price for the work i mentioned.i wopuld appreciate it.

well…need more background on your house. 1 story or 2? steep or walkable? lots of valleys and dormers or staright runs? ease of access (exsessive landscaping)? i usually wont touch anything under $300 a square for easy roofs(i tear them all off). if you have 2 layers you cant go over again. siding usually starts at $400. gutters (seamless aluminum $5 lineal foot installed. i dont do bay windows. average window is around $450-575. i dont do doors. all of these are AVERAGE prices that include materials and labor and dump fees. i only price things as “finished price” i dont give h/o time & material quotes.

p.s. im not a cheap contractor. i sell quality and trust…not price.

and what woods are they throwing the debris? almost any roof 10 to 15 sq will run you about 100 per sq so why would you do them for 180? thats just plain nutts i start at 250 per sq and my shingles start with 30 yr landmark shingles i wont use anything under a 30yr shingle and i dont use any felt less than or equal to 30lb felt mainly because 15lb you get killed walking on it

Those prices must be for labor?

If you decide to go with this contractor and opt not to spend the $600 on the removal/containter are you going to just leave the debris in the yard? You could dig down a few feet and after the work is done just put some dirt down and put some grass seed over it. This is IF you’re ultimate goal is saving money which it looks like it with those prices.

My guess is there’s some very reputable general contractors in your area. How many bids have you gotten? Were did you find the contractors? Did they find you?

BTW, just kidding about the shingles in the ground thing! Did have one home owner who tore off and burnt his two layers of shingles.

Marshall… don’t be suckered in.

It’s friggin’ TASER fer gawd’s sake!

Don’t you remember the weeks & weeks of BS we got from this joker?

We’re still waiting for photographs of the house & “work” that was done by the roofer who, up on the roof, played poker with his buddies & slept up there in a sleeping bag???

I’m done.

Those prices sound foolish to me. no comment

While we sit in here answering these jokers questions… teaching them to roof and hoping to put out a bid to these jokers and getting a job out of our on-line experiences, they are probably out answering phones and selling jobs. :?


Someone has to repair it someday. :smiley:

Taser, I am going to assume those prices don’t include materials.

maybe I am imagining this but I think that there’s a guy in that area that will do the job real cheap, if you let him and his buddies hang out on the roof and play cards, and have their wedding in the back yard…but that might be some other job…

What if our friend Taser has ANOTHER house???

If so Taser just hire the same guys bail them out of jail if their back do what you have to do to get them back to work.

Or if they went to prison and you can’t convince the warden to grant them an early release to roof you’ll need to find some other homeless guys to put a roof on for you.

If you forgot your roof is already done just try splashing some really cold water against your face and repeat until it all comes back. You didn’t just wake up from a nightmare perhaps?

By the sounds of it taser doesn’t have the capital to be bailing despots out of jail. Roofers that price there jobs like that more often than not cruise the local trailer parks looking for bums that will work for beer money.

Any one can pick up a hammer and do the roof for those prices taser. Not 3 years ago, I used to work weekends, offering those prices to consumers. of course, I had no license, insurance, or warranties to back up my product. I did however have pride in my work, which is quickly becoming extinct. Call your local Home Depot/ Home Services roofing consultant and you will get the best bang for your buck. Think about Price Vs. Cost. Price is what you pay for the product initially, and cost is what you will pay to maintain everything that comes after.

I don’t know about where you live, but…

In my market, HD charges about $ 20.00 & higher per square (@ a minimum) MORE than the highest price co’s in the area.

Oh, & thanks for suggesting that us smaller to medium sized co’s get shut out of the equation.

All HD does is sub the work out to other co’s; they don’t actually employ their own crews. The only benefit I could ever suggest that HD might provide over me or anyone else is that they’ll be around for quite some time & (with any luck) you might not have any trouble with warranties, should that be required…

Are you kidding me? Call your local Home Depot/ Home Services Group? That is the most ignorant statement that I have read in quite some time. Home Depot in Central and Western New York does not employ a “roofing professional” just underpaid, semi knowledgable project managers who baby sit sub contractors in roofing , siding and window projects.They don’t do any of the work themselves. I know of 3 Home depot sub contractors who can do the same job consumers are paying Home Depot for about 1/2 the price. Also all roofing materials for HD jobs in upstate NY come from ABC supply and not the HD store. If you still think that HD is great just log on to the BBB website for Western NY and look at all the complaints filed against them.

Yeah, calling Home Depot for residential roofing is like calling Garland, Tremco or Hickman, for a commercial roof system. I guess it is alright if you like to spread the wealth, but if you want to keep your money look elsewhere.

If you want to check out Home Depot try,