New ugly roof question


Lot/run numbers are no longer a factor with all the manufacturers
I am aware of but we do not install 3-tab. In the installers defense sometimes it is hard to see when you are up close nailing shingles on. Sometimes an unfinished roof is wet in the morning, dry shingles coming out of the bundles. It is much more apparent at street level when there are color variations.


It IS absolutely a lot# problem.
Its not the installers fault while he was installing them but when they got off the roof, they could see it and then it was their responsibiltiy to fix it
( at above and additional cost)
Which would be quite a bit for me to remove ugly shingles carefully woven with new shingles
On what looks to me like an 8/12.
But they just drove off and left it forever.
When i have this happen, i remove the offending roofing immediately( that day) before the homeowner Sees it and begins to think his whole roof is trash.
Yes, it becomes a three way fight between the installer, their boss and the supplier on who and how much is being paid to fix this mess.

About 4 years ago i left a 10 year tight relationship with my supplier over this.
They sent about 20 sq of a different lot # on a 50 square 7/12 roof.
But Only the front looked bad.
I needed to replace about 4 sq on the front to make it look good.
The supplier balked at the $2500 dollar bill.
I warned them they wouldnt like the results if they refused.
They gave me the shingles for free to fix them and a 600 dollar check.
They lost a 200 thousand dollar a year customer.


I’ve been doing this for a long time. And the shading is not necessarily caused by mixing up lot numbers. The brands we have most commonly up here are IKO and BP. The shading used to be really bad and there was rarely a mixing of the lots. We’d get a complete factory skid of shingles and install them and the customers often complained about the shading. Nothing we could do and there was certainly no way to fix it. If you tried you’d just make more shading. The worst ones were the solid colors. Brown, black etc. So several years ago they ditched all the solid colors. Now they’re all the two tones and multiple tones, which hide the shading a little better. But even now, the three tab shingles still shade a lot. We mostly avoid them. The sellers in this story cheaped out like crazy. Using crappy three tab shingles and laying over the existing is a stupid thing to do on any house, let alone a half million dollar one. The architectural shingles look waaay better and have a lifetime warranty. No brainer.


Just to clarify. To my knowledge only 3 tab has this lot number issue. All the architectural shingles in our market are interchangeable. The only thing we watch for sometimes is when they may ship from a different plant. We rotate stock out of our yard frequently and have never had a color match issue. Mannco is correct in when the manufacturers began getting away from solid colors to variegated it seemed to solve the problem.


I think I might even walk away from it even if they will drop the price to cover a complete re-roof. If the sellers thought that was okay as a roof-redo, I’d start to worry about what else they may have cut corners on - electrical, plumbing, termite damage, etc… - and some of that work may be hidden behind walls. Crappy job on what is in plain sight would worry me on what’s out of site and can’t be easily inspected.

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If there was hail damage, why didn’t the sellers file a claim. Or did they and did they pocket the money? That might be considered some sort of fraud. What’s worse is that if they didn’t file a claim the insurance company will no longer cover the loss because the evidence has been covered with the new ugly roof.


That is a terrible job and the shingles are laid wrong it looks horrible.


I guarantee you those shingles came from a 2nds supply store. did you see the shingles when they were on the ground were they all in packages or were they all unwrapped? the bright side is your only have to look at it for a year because in a year all the granules will have fallen off.


What exactly do you think is “wrong” about how the shingles were laid? I hope your issue isn’t that they are racked. I agree that those shingles could be 2nd though.


I think I would walk away from it


That’s a half million dollar home and they did a layover with 3 tab? Wow


Some people like 3-tabs, I have put them on at least 2 multi million $ homes on Lake Michigan at homeowner request.

From a performance standpoint the 3-tab design is superior the issue is that they tend to be made out of crap material.

If a 3 tab was made from the same stuff and the same way as the cap shingles they would last much longer than they do today.

IMO a Malarkey Alaskan 3-tab shingle is as good or better than pretty much all the entry level laminates.

There was a time when 3-tab shingles routinely lasted upwards of 30 yrs.

A big issue today with 3-tabs is that todays roofers have no idea how to install them.