New ugly roof question


Hey Everyone. So my husband and I are about to close on a house next week. During inspection it came up that the roof had a lot of storm/ hail damage and needed a roof replacement. After some negotiating, we landed on the seller just putting a second layer of shingles on top of the first layer. The is home is only 10 years old. Anyway, my husband and I drove by for the first time since the second layer went up a few days ago. And all of the shingles looks so mismatched and uneven! It’s the ugliest roof I’ve ever seen. It’s two entirely different colors! Not sure what to do, but I’m about ready to walk from the contract. I will not purchase a house with the roof this ugly. I feel that the seller should demand the roofing company come back out and fix this. Opinions?


That is ugly. Why in the world would you agree to a recover?
Now in 15-20 years you foot the bill for a complete tear off with multiple layers.


Believe me, I see now that a recover was a bad idea. Our real estate agent seemed to think it was just fine in this situation, so we went with it. But I never would’ve agreed to it if I knew it would look like this! Is this typically what a second shingle layer looks like?

Here is another shot.


Yes that’s pretty typical for a second layer. They do not lay as flat as a single layer, exacerbated by the 3 tabs that show everything.
The shading is not related to the second layer


Never trust a real estate agent with construction decisions. We only deal with solid agents and they wouldn’t give advice like that.


I’d walk. Tileman is being very optimistic to expect to get 15 to 20 years out of that roof. Equally bad is you can count on having to replace that roof yourself if you sell the house yourself down the road. The real ignorance is, the existing HO should have filed an insurance claim and gotten a roof replacement paid for the IC. We’ve gotten involved in this type of situation many times without any issues.

Of course your Realtor thought it would be fine. Do you think they have any interest in the deal other than collecting their commission?


Looks like they painted a pig. The only thing they really accomplished by adding a second layor is increase to the cost of doing the right job.


the installation might be ok
But the material is horrible.
No, i wouldnt accept it.
Nobody will.
Tear it All off and do it again.
A different roofer, with different material
Since that roofer is blind and expects you to be.


This is EXACTLY why I always tell home buyers to negotiate the cost of a reroof off the purchase price and never push the homeowner to reroof. It pretty much guarantees the seller goes the cheapest route they possibly can. I actually wonder if those shingles are “2nds” (shingles you can get at discount building supply places, discounted because of cosmetic issues) as that’s a pretty extreme color difference.


If the installer considers the shingle acceptable I can almost guarantee they did not install any flashing anywhere.


Thanks for all of your responses. I’m still waiting to hear back from the sellers about what the roofing company had to say. We are going to walk if it is anything short of a full replacement. I can’t believe that any professional found this to be an acceptable job. And this is a very nice house in a neighborhood full of $500,000 homes.
And honestly, it looks way worse in person than it does in the pictures!


Pushing the buyer to replace the roof again is exactly what you DON"T wanna do! They already replaced super cheap the first time. What do you think they are gonna do this time around? Personally, I think you got lucky, had they not used such poor materials you likely never would have paid any attention to the roof. What if the roof had simply looked good from the ground but then 6 months after you moved started to leak because of a piss poor install (happens all the time)? As said, you should be negotiating the cost to reroof off the price that way you can choose the color and installer, not just whoever who will do the job the cheapest.

P.s. are you sure they hired a roofer to do the job? This whole thing screams homeowner and friends doing this job on the weekend for free beer to me.


IslandRoofing- good point. Why would I trust them to get it right a second time. They have already shown they can’t be trusted to get it done right. I don’t want them anywhere near that roof again. I would MUCH prefer to negotiate on price and choose the new company myself. I have a feeling that the sellers won’t budge on this though. We will probably end up walking unfortunately. It’s such a shame, it’s been such a long hard road to get here. This is my dream house that my husband and I have worked so hard to buy.

And yes, believe it or not they actually did hire a professional for this job. My husband drove by when they were up on the roof getting started. We tried to Google the name on the side of the truck and didn’t come up with anything. No reviews, no website, no anything.


Good luck. And to be clear I blame the seller for this screw up more than the roofer as I’m sure he went out looking for the cheapest possible (but brand new!) roof he could find.


Half a million dollar home with a commodity roof? Shameful.


I get it. The seller is absolutely the number one to blame here. I’m sure they got what they paid for. Tomorrow they are required to show us receipts for the work they had done. That will be interesting.


Honestly they probably got what they paid for. Just bought a house myself so know the process sucks. Keep in mind If that is the quality they accepted for a roof what did they do previously to other areas of the house.


Roofing overan existing roof might be a code violation. In Mass at least, the building departments are requiring stripping ALL layers down to sheathing.


There are some exceptions but in general, IRC code allows one additional layer but requires complete tearoff when replacing 2 or more layers.


I’m confused. I agree with the recover="Bad Idea, I agree with the 3-Tab=“Bad Idea”. But the color issue was cause mixing Lot/Run numbers. The supplier is at fault for the “Delivery”, The Contractor, for not “Checking” the order, The roofer for not “Noticing”, and possibly the manufacturer should be accountable if there was a defective in the run.