New to the game


I’m trying to take baby steps to break away from my current company and start one of my own in Ohio. Does anyone have a roofing and/or siding contract they could allow me to swipe ideas from? I hate Service Scamic and Quality Jokester. Where do you get your most bang for you buck in advertising? I’ve already got a good base of realtors tossing work my way. Thanks for any advice you can give.


yard signs are a great investment,just dont put a bunch of words on them which can be distracing to the eye ,name and number keep it simple


Canvassing is the cheapest form of advertising. It when done right will bring in work, when done wrong it will just make your feet hurt.


make your own.
its not hard.

get letter head, starting from top; company info,
roof replacement and/or repair contract, customer info, scope of work, warranty, cost, payment, schedule, signatures.
then print and copy.
dont forget date in the upper rite hand corner.

or if your lazy just steel one online,
search “blank roofing contract”.

good luck.



I get my yard signs from Certainteed for about $12 each. Of course the more you buy the cheaper they are.

Got one call from the sign this Fall and a typical home owner asking how much per square as his insurance company dropped him from there hands.

Gave him my brothers name and number and said he can work for far less than I can.

What could set your company apart from the rest is to state, “Insurance restoration pro”!!! J/K.

Mine just say family owned and operated, top quality, name, phone number, and license number.

My wife looked at them after I got them and asked if I worked for Certainteed. Certainteeds logo is bigger than mine!!!


I got a billboard and only got 2 calls in 6 mo. 1 repair$125.00 and a roof that I got 2200.00 labor. It cost 1000.00 for rental of the board for 13 mo. and 700.00 for the art work…canvassing paid off so much more…and after a while the refferals start rolling in…Good Luck…


If you are curious about other contracts… It may be easier to have friends or relatives get estimates from other company’s in your area.


I thought of that, but I have too much for respect for my fellow roofers to waste their time like that. I was really hoping to avoid hiring a lawyer to get this stuff, but it looks like that will be the route I’ll go. Thanks for everyone’s advice. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this on my own. I was just trying to make things easier this time around.


I ran ads via Spot Cast, which advertises inside close circuit TV systems such as restaurants and gas station outlets. I only received one inquiry and determined it wasn’t all that great.

I found door to door was the best; you meet the homeowner and can deal with them directly. Also, once you do a job, always have a yard sign for a few months (with the owner’s permission) something to the like:

Another quality roof by
ABC Roofing
Call us!

You can get these made for cheap at any trader’s village, flea market, or sign shop. Like bandproofing said, keep it simple, don’t overcrowd it. After a bit, referrals will come, it just takes time and patience.

Lastly, I had a few realtors I worked with and offered a commission to for each deal I’d make. The rate varies depending on your state.

Good luck!


I thought that its good to have your own but i have nothing for you. But i think you need to contact any contractor who can help you or someone else.

Good Luck dear…