New to roofing sales...Advise...Please


I just left my career as an Executive chef for roofing sales. My girlfriends brother in-law is co owner of a great roofing company. I have always wanted to get into sales and after seeing his lifestyle I’m wanting to give it a shot. I have gone with him a few times to knock on doors. I’m going to give it a try for the whole month of April. I would really like any advise I could get from some pro’s. It would mean a lot for any and all reply’s. Thank You.


Are you going to be selling more retail? Meaning the homeowner is responsible for paying for the roof. Or are you selling by way of an RCV/insurance procedes contract?


sell trust not price. explain the roof to them. spend time and answer questions with confidence. Study roofing so you dont sound like an idiot when the home owners ask you questions.


the roof is paid through the insurance company with the only expense to the home owner being there deductable. I have been educating myself as much as possible about roofs but I still feal a little un-educated. I have gotten on two roofs with my supervisor, and out of 40 houses we knocked on three might be leads. I’m just trying to get as much practice as I can before I start doing it full time in April. There is a lot of competition in Colorado but the company I will work for has been in business for 6 years with no complaints to the BBB, carry there own isurance policy, GAF/Elk certified installers, and great finacial record with ABC supply. Thank you for you quick responses…keep them coming.


I’m not knocking a company for aggresively
soliciting roofing business by field marketing, but…
I would spend more time cultivating my own referred leads, rather than canvassing yourself…
Once you have a couple of completed jobs under your belt, if you canvassed that neighborhood, casually go back likw a follow up inspection and look for attention. If there are potential customers, they will stalk you around the neighborhood…where are you located, anyways?

If your in it for the long haul, then set some goals…get some jobs working, and use it as a platform for your promotional skills…be inventive.


Thank you for the advice. Going door to door is not something I want to do. I’m working on cavassing a selected neihboorhood and geeting at least on roof job under my belt so they can see the beatifull new roof and hopfully be interested in a roof. Once again thank you for the advice…I appreciate it. My goal is to sell 4 roofs in the month of april…so I will Work hard but at the same time I will not use pushy sales.


Find out what what they are most concerned about. i.e Address their pain! In other words, if tell you that they just finished planting there flower beds, your proposals and job planning should reflect it. If their big concern is color, overwhelm them with color choices and guidence. This should help keep from having to be low price for getting projects.


Chef, I had the same sentiments as you about going door to door. About 3 weeks ago on sunday afternoon I put on a nice shirt (I am a laborer at heart so this is hard for me to do) and knocked on some doors. I targeted neighborhoods that were built in early to mid 80s, i.e. lots of em need roofs, and I was surprised at what I found. Most people who need a roof know they need a roof. Most of them ask intelligent questions and open up doors for you to sell your product. If they are people who are ready to do it right away they usually will give that away, and you can push the issue a little bit. The people who make it obvious they aren’t ready right away, I tell them no problem, when they are please call and I would love to price it for them. I feel that I am setting myself up for many future calls, I’ll find out I guess.

With a total of about 6 hrs of canvassing, I have priced 8 and sold 1. Figure out how you can sell your company, i.e. what makes you guys different from every other roofer? Especially if you are not the low price, because sadly that is what most people see first. I tell them I do not subcontract any work, I am the business owner and if they hire us I will personally be on their roof. I’m guessing this is not the case with you, but find something like that and tell it to all of them. Good luck and let me know how it goes. I’m interested in any advice anyone else might have on selling too!!!


Chef When i get back home sunday i will email you a complete canvassing plan so you can do it right and professionally. Im am about 250 miles from home right now so i dont have the file. Send me a private message and i will email it to you sunday night.

One of the fist things i learned while canvassing is to be patient, without that your sunk. Practice your lines in a mirror or to someone so its smooth but not silky smooth if you know what i mean. The key is trust, without it they will not buy from you. Listening to your customer is the most important part of selling. Dont be pushy at all or you will be told no. If you get to the point of the sale, right after you let them know of the price that is. Shut up the first to talk loses. I will send you alot more later. Have a good night and leave me your email address. Thanks. Kevin


change user name to roofchef or somethin.
i like it. good luck to you.