New Rubber roof- was this done right?



    August 10

Best of luck, post an update if/when they or someone else fixes that mess. That drain is likely the worst leaker.


Sorry the update has taken me so long. Long story short- I have to sue the roofer. He tried to insist the leak is my fault and that the drain was clogged by leaves and brick dust (It wasn’t- a neighbor literally went up on the roof in the storm to see what was happening and it was a deep lake.). I had a contractor who is a friend go up on the roof and install 2 back up drains the proper way. He told me the roofer had put in a 2 inch pipe and most of the water came in under the chimney flashing which had been glued on with no termination bar. I know the chimneys need repointing but the roofer never said it had to be done before they could do the roof. Water was pouring in less than 30 minutes after the rain started.

I also found out that although the roofer told me the old roof was ok to stay, that was a lie. And when my contractor put in the extra drains he told me water had collected between the two roofs. So it must be totally replaced. At least I have the right drain system in now and they saved me the piece the roofer put in. It was never even attached to the roof, just buried under the membrane and adhesive.


While you did get a very bad install its not “a lie” to say an EPDM roof can be installed over an existing roof, provided the roof you are going over doesn’t contain trapped water. In fact that’s one of its main benefits.


Hi Jakesler- I think the problem was that it wasn’t in good condition and there were already several layers. Now with water collecting in between, and the attic has water logged blown in insulation it’s nerve wracking to say the least.