New roofing installed


Hired a licensed/insured roofing company that had great ratings and reviews. They installed modified bitumen on my roof. I was unhappy with the job they did because they installed the drip edge on one side of the house on top of rotted wood. They came out, replaced the fascia boards, reinstalled the drip edge and it looks good. Except for a few things that I am questioning.

They used self stick roll roofing where they reinstalled the drip edge. It looks like they removed just enough of the original roofing to remove the old drip edge and then put this roll down on top of it. It overlaps the modified bitumen quite a bit. I questioned this and the contractor said yes its self stick and when the sun hits it it will make a strong bond. Never heard of this.

I also found a spot on the roof when I climbed up to look at the job where the modified bitumen kind of feels bouncy like it didnt fully adhere when they torched it. Is that ok?

Also they did one of the inside drip edge corners pretty bad, wanted to see if something like this would be acceptable before I ask them to come fix it.

I have only paid half of what is owed. A permit was pulled and the inspector passed the job the first time rotted wood and all. I dont know if the inspector actually got out of the car.

Any advice would be great


That’s pathetic! The joints should meet tight maybe an 1/8 gap at best on the inside corner.


Also any rotted wood should have been replaced. Sounds and looks like they didn’t take any pride in making sure the job was done correctly. Is there a sag of dip where the wood is rotten?


They did end up replacing the rotted wood thr 2nd time they came out.


Update: after a pretty good storm I noticed the dripedge they replaced on one side of the roof is completely soaked. All other sides are dry. I think I know why, will take pics tomorrow


I know I’m repetitive but DO NOT TRUST REVIEWS!!! They are easily manipulated. The biggest hacks in our area have good reviews somehow.