New roofer her looking for some professional guidance


I started my residential roofing business about 11 months ago. I also work with a large multifamily construction company and was given some autonomy to start this “branch” of the company in an attempt to diversify… anyways, I did about 45 roofs (only 1 insurance) in that span of time. I’m happy with it especially considering I came from no residential business at all, but I am having a hard time understanding insurance jobs. I am xactimate certified and have written $1,000,000+ single claims in the past…but all large loss with apartments. I thought for sure that if I could do that, residential will be a breeze… but I think one object in my way is that I am honest. I was told by an adjuster that more that 50% of the inspections he does in my area have vandalism on them. I just can’t bring myself down to that level. So I am looking for someone who has had great success in the insurance game who is willing to help out a young guy. I am willing to pay some professional fees if you require. I just need someone I can talk to who is willing to help a young self starter out. I am in the Memphis area.

Plus, my multifamily company is nationwide and we always sub out roofers when we are outside of the Memphis area, so I would for sure use you.



What kind of help are you looking for? If you research this website, I believe most of what you’re looking for is available.



I am looking for someone to coach me through the whole process. My competitor does mostly insurance, very few retail. They have 7 salesmen and I’m sure they are canvassing. I just need someone with experience who is willing to help a young guy learn the ropes. From start to finish



I’ve taken a 2day workshop in St.Louis from a former StateFarm adjuster, he mentioned 1 incident where a homeowner and 2 dishonest rooferz got up on the roof with bag of ice and slingshot, while he attempted to eat his lunch being that was his next appointment. It got some laughs. Though for 50% of roofs to be vandalism if true, wow. Honesty is what this industry needs from all sides at all times.



50% Are not vandalism, nowhere close to that.



“I was told by an adjuster that more than 50% of the inspections he does in my area have vandalism on them.” And the other 50% have no damage…I suppose.

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First Lesson - Do not believe adjusters who work for insurance providers. The majority of them work on speculation with no working knowledge of construction or damage. That being said there are a few who know what theyre talking about, but they



are usually the ex-contractors with outdated ideas of construction practices. Sorry for the double post.



How did you find the workshop?



According to this adjuster: “if you are trying to be an honest roofer in the Memphis area, you are at a severe disadvantage.”



I can see being @ a disadvantage when your in an area where shady contractors are creating a negative stigma for the rest of us.



As far as the workshop, at the time I was working for a restoration company Regal Construction and the owner had responded to an ad in ROOFING CONTRACTOR magazine, where they would be in St.Louis. Pretty much the whole company was required to attend, very helpful. Sorry dont remember the name of the firm holding it, though if your not already receiving it you may want to subscribe to ROOFING CONTRACTOR it’s free and it constantly has many great resources in reference to commercial applications and RESIDENTIAL/STORM work.

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I’m assuming the claim was denied (not sure if you stated this). Do you by chance have any photos or videos of the roof where you met this adjuster? I am curious to see what may have warranted him to make such a comment so open and carelessly… even joking about shingle manipulation as an adjuster can put you in dangerous territory… not to mention if he actually named a specific company/s in reference to this. Knowing when to file or not to file a claim is very important in this industry. This involves SO much more than simply thinking you know (not directed at you) what storm damage is, you would not believe how many “Claim/Insurance/Storm/Restoration Specialists” are entry level SALES representatives who’s only training was a few videos, a 20 page packet with pictures and if you’re lucky… some very basic field training, then off to the wolves! Why do you think our industry has such a high turnover rate? So I guess the point of my rant is… kudos for being the honest guy, we need more of those and also for taking the initiative to actually learn before going out and trying it again; which benefits neither you OR the homeowner. Share those videos or pictures if you have them, thanks!



I have no photos or videos. It was a roof where I literally saw no wind damage (or hail, which is not big in my area anyways) and I told the homeowner that. I gave the homeowner a very competitive price (retail) to replace the roof and he then called me back saying one of my competitors got a claim for him… it was a real head scratcher… so I called an adjuster with the same carrier and he told me that it was probably vandalism, or they just knew the right person.

This is where I am at a loss. My retail sales game is strong, but it is twice as hard to get one of those. My competitors are almost all insurance (by volume) and they are 6x time my size. Personally, I LIKE the fact that I can sell a roof direct to consumer and be able to build their trust… but sometimes it is a little bit disheartening. At the end of the day, we are all here to make money, but I cant quite get the jist of it…



It’s not clear what your complaint is. It sounds like you’re complaining because you quote people a cash bid and someone else comes along and tells them it is storm damaged. Is that correct? If so, before you quote anything be it an insurance claim or cash bid, do a thorough inspection. If there is no damage, show the HO the pictures. Tell them to be wary of Contractors that create damage in order to file a claim. Suggest they physically observe anyone else who inspects their roof as inducing mechanical damage is insurance fraud.

Aside from that, not much you can do. Assuming there are other contractors that are in fact out doing this, it’s just a matter of time before they are caught. Also, Adjusters aren’t often inclined to approve the roof when this sort of situation has taken place. So you should be back to the cash bid.



Exactly, its not a complaint…its more of an eye opener for myself (or a head scratcher moment).

After this happened, I thought it was one of two things: 1. I either don’t know what the hell I’m doing (possible, although I have seen enough wind damage to know what is and what isn’t) -OR- 2. Something fishy is going on.

The adjuster, whom I am acquaintance with, told me that this area (Memphis) is exceptionally bad when it comes to insurance fraud.

I did show pictures and do an inspection.



If you are interested, I can share some videos with you examples of both roofs I chose to claim or chose not to claim if you think this might be beneficial. DM me your email if you think it would be helpful. The stuff you find on YouTube just doesn’t cut it.



Here you go:

Video Inspections

If the link doesn’t work, copy & paste:

Disclaimer: some of these claims are based on specific existing circumstances, try to just focus on the basic wind and hail damage aspects.



Lots of independant adjusters are paid more if roofs are approved… if they can tKe photos of anything that even remotley looks like hail damage they will approve them. Adjuaters in my neighborhood have approved several roofs simply because they were too steep to get on and just said to hell with it. It becomes a numbers game abd although a bunch may be denied a bunch will be approved. If you dont get much hail in your area… better find a different method or change careers. All these other roofers are getting full roofs replaced on wind damage? Are there local code issues that prevent a roof from being repaired? Here we have areas where tou cant repair more than 1 sq. So you can ge tr a roof bought for 15 missing shingles and a bunch of zipper pulls. Working with insurance companies is a whole other ball game. My advice is to just jump in and learn by experience. You’ll start to pick up bits of info as you go and just when you think you know almost everything about how the whole thing works you’ll learn something new. Theres no seminar or person who can teach you what you can learn by climbing on 100 roofs and chatting with 100 adjusters. Just stay honest! I cant tell you how many deals I closed because I was honest and told a home owner that the 3 previous roofers were lying to them about the twreible damage and yes you do have some hail damage (or wind or whatever) but is it enough for your insurance company to approve your roof? Maybe… depends on the adjuster. They will appreciate your honesty and they will call you if and when the roof is getting adjuated or approved. Plus they will recommend you to everyone they know and your sales will mushroom. Good luck. Just go get started!


please send the link to me as well