New Roof

Roofing contractor installed roof on my house few months ago.
Will someone please take a look at pictures below and tell me if this is how it spouse to be.

Pictures: … 474dh2.png … 112ag9.png … 718kj7.png … 167oq7.png

Thank you

yeah . … no :slight_smile:

call them back

Looks a bit sloppy.
Do you have more pictures/issues?
If so lets see them.

Pic ag 9 looks like shingles overlapping, instead of butting.
Pic kj7 just looks lazy and sloppy.

The other 2, I guess it is just done that way in some regions…
Nothing terribly wrong with them. :expressionless:

Starter strip on the Picture 9 is ok and shingles are covering starter strip. All the rest are like shown on picture one and you can see starter strip.
I don’t care for look as much I care for rain.
Can rain break through where starter is showing?
Other issues I had:
I found at least 15 neals showing on the top of the shingles so I patch this nails with black stuff.
Some of the shingles were up because nail under didn’t go through so I fix few of this by nailing it down.

Do you guys think this roof will be ok on rainy days.
I live in Oregon and we get lot’s a rain here.

Thank you for replays