New roof with gap or lift in certain areas


Why is there a gap at the bottom of the slope? This was a new roof recently installed. This was done consistently on the whole roof.


appears to be an intake vent


Thank you. What is the purpose of this? The other homes in my neighborhood do not seem to have this . Margaret


Intake / smart vent. When a house is built without boxes out open sofit, that type of vent allows air to enter the bottom of the roof and exit through the top. I have never seen anyone install it in a valley in my area.


Cared enough to install intake vents when the builder did not install soffit vents.
Looks nice.


Thank you for your response!


Hello mmaurukas,
This is my first time posting, when I saw the Deck air you questioned, I had to chime in, so all you old timers please bare with me, I really do love this method of intake and I use it on every house that intake to balance/match ridgevents are an issue:
Your Home has open rafter tails, no soffit for soffit intake vents. I agree with the other posters it looks graet and the roofer cared, and new enough to create a balanced ventilated system. There is a tapered method I use at rakes, roof to wall and valleys but you can install either way as long as the decks not opended within 12-18" at hips, rake edge, valleys or roof to wall. In my opinion it’s the most important feature when installing a new roofing system, I use the Lomanco Deck Air DA it’s the best under shingle venting product. It creates continuos intake to match your countious ridgevents when the usaul method are not available (soffit vents), thus creating an almost perfectly “Balanced” Roofing System If you want to learn more about how they work, there’s videos and FAQ’a on their website, or google Deck Air DA 4.