New roof with a few exposed nails


I am a home owner new to this forum. On a new roof we had done in July this year ( 3 months old) An inspector found few nail heads between the shingles and exposed nails on the flashing around the utility service mast. Person that found this ( was not the company that did the roof ) said the shingles where the nails are exposed should be removed and replaced with new shingles.

I have not seen any leaks so
Hoping to get an idea of big of a problem the exposed nails are and how this should be fixed?

The areas are all in the area of shingles over the rubber ice shield.
Thanks for any help.


While I doubt they would cause you a problem anytime soon (if ever) I’d still want the shingles replaced if it was my house.


At the bare minimum I would recommend sealing over them then covering the sealant with loose granuals to make it super hard to notice.


Gun bunnies more worried about speed than quality. Easy to fix.


The nail in the picture is actually in the correct place, the shingle above it is installed too high. Low nails are less likely to cause problems than high nails, but as island said I would still want the shingles replaced.


Thanks for the advice. I will push for more inspection by the roofing company and correcting the problems. Thanks to all.


It seems like that exposed nail would be subjected to constant expanding and contracting which will eventually make it move up a little. This will enable capillary action to occur, and water moving down the nail and under the shingle.