New roof want addition

New roof about a year ago, now considering a 2nd floor addition, can we use the same roof?

That will depend on the type of you have.

It will depend on the type of what I have? I don’t understand. Thank you

Metal, comp, tile? Need more details

Composition. The roof is a year and a half old. Do you think it would be worth it? Would enough of it be able to be reused?

We tie into existing roofs all the time.

You need to clarify the question. E.G. take off existing and re-install?

You cannot tear off and reinstall shingles or underlayment. Sorry but the idea is rather humorous.

Sorry I missed your post, I was painting fingernails. Theoretically, If you were verryy verryy careful removing them, and tarred every nail hole on the re-install, it would be possible!


If you don’t mind violating code I suppose you could figure out a way to make it work.

We get a lot of interesting posts here. Not sure if he wanted to lift the whole roof assembly, trusses/deck/ shingles, with a crane and set it on the addition or what…

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I think they want to try to lift the roof and build a second story under it? Who knows though.